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Dolls And Sewing Sock Monkeys

A homemade doll, sock monkey or toy is treasured and often handed down from generation to generation. Gather free patterns and loads of inspiration to create a special doll or gift that may get handed down through generations, with the information you'll find here.
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How To Sew a Corner Stuffed Animal Hammock
Stuffed animals have taken over my daughter's room. No need to buy a pattern these free directions took care of the problem and I can even find her floor now.

Free Stuffed Bunny Toy Pillow Pattern
Kids love stuffed bunnies and they love a special pillow. Pillow pets are fun but they loose their shape in the washer. This free sewing pattern will guide you through sewing a pillow that is also a stuffed bunny toy and the cover removes for laundering. Follow the free step by step directions to make a great lovable bunny pillow.

Free Patterns to Sew Your Own Teddy Bears
There are thousands of free teddy bear sewing patterns on the internet but finding the one you want to sew can take a lot of time. These 20 free patterns offer you from the very simple to the elaborate traditional Teddy Bear. Wonder for gifts and Baby Showers!

Free Barbie Size Fashion Doll Jeans or Slacks Sewing Pattern - Free Sewing...
Free Barbie Size Fashion Doll Jeans or Slacks Sewing Pattern - Free Sewing Pattern to Sew Fashion Doll Jeans or Slacks for Dolls the Size of Barbie

Sock Monkey DIY Craft Project Instructions
These instructions guide you through every step to transform a sock in to an adorable monkey... and shows other possibilities.

Sewing Cards For Pre Schoolers
A project for pre-schoolers that want to sew just like mommy and older siblings. A great learn to sew project.

BreezeB's DigiWorld - Sock Monkeys
Great free directions with loads of diagrams.

Labour Of Love - Bear Making Tips
Great tips for making bears and working with fur.

Labour Of Love - Catalog Index
Teddy Bear and heirloom sewing supplies on line catalog.

Magic Threads Patterns
A huge number of fantasy doll patterns and a source for plastic animal eyes, under the notions link.

On Line Doll Making Classes
A complete listing of Doll Making lessons you can take on line.

Save The Dolls
WOW! An exceptional site loaded with all kinds of doll information. What a fantastic way to help any charity and children effected by disasters!

TLC Doll's - Sewing Corner
A complete on line department store for 18" dolls. Children's clothing patterns with matching doll clothes pattern's available. Patterns for creating doll furniture, notions for making doll clothes and more.

Welcome To Harper House
Vintage costume pattern catalog and dollmaker's catalog with catalog of over 1,000 historically accurate sewing patterns for the entire family. Many Era's covered!

A simple set of printable sock-monkey instructions. Follow the links provided to expand your imagination with sock animals and to order red heel socks in various colors for different color monkeys and animals.

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