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Setting a Seam Guide to sew accurate seam allowances

Setting a Seam Guide

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

Sewing Seams and Special Seams
Seams are the basic sewing that hold two or more pieces of fabric together. Most people will learn basic sewing before they dive into using special seam techniques and experimenting with diffident ways of approaching a sewing project. Learning about sewing seams and special seams will increase the way you develop your own style and create what you have in mind. Learning to sew seam finishes will assure you that your garments are going to be strong and last through extensive laundering.

Start Sewing -- Free Patterns for Beginners
One way to learn everything about sewing is to practice different sewing techniques and keep a notebook of samples so that you can refer back to your samples and notes, basically making your own sewing manual to help you as you start sewing projects. Other people want to jump in with both feet and start making something... anything just so they can feel like they have accomplished something. This is a great way to learn as long as your first projects aren't something that is so extravagant that you will experience such frustration that yo will never want to sew ever again. Choose one of the many free sewing patterns and projects that are easy and accomplish-able!

Sewing with Commercial Patterns
If you want to sew, you will eventually want to experiment with commercial sewing patterns. In years gone by the option was to spend a day at the fabric store, browsing through pattern catalogs to find a pattern that was exactly what you had in mind... or one close enough because you couldn't spend any more time at the store. The Internet has opened a whole new ease at searching for the perfect commercial sewing pattern. For your first endeavor at sewing with a commercial sewing pattern, you may want to follow along with a free step by step sewing lesson which explains every step of the process with a particular pattern.

Places to Make Friends and Ask Questions
Many people have or had a relative that knew how to sew but are unable to ask the questions they wish they could ask. Don't despair! We have a Sewing Forum which is free and is shared with people who want to share their experience and help others learn the hobby they love... sewing! Registration is free. We request that you register so that we can limit the amount of spam.

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