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Tips And Tricks For Sewing Children's Pajamas

Tips And Tricks For Sewing Children's Pajamas


  • Instead of buying a special pattern, find a jogging suit pattern with raglan sleeves. Raglan sleeves tend to make a garment that will fit for a longer period of time.

  • If you're planning a night gown, consider your child's favorite tee shirt pattern, or peasant blouse pattern. Just by lengthening the pattern you saved yourself the purchase price of another pattern and you know it will fit.

  • Make a preprinted stuffed toy for bed time. They usually include a completed picture on the fabric. Use fusible webbing to appliqué the finished picture to the front of the child's pajamas or night shirt.

  • Even if you use a pajama pattern, try revamping it to use ribbing around the neck and sleeve edges. Most children find it more comfortable.

  • If an elastic waist bothers your child, try using ribbing on the waist. I did this when I discovered I was out of elastic. It turned into my daughter's favorite pair.

  • Shop the clearance isles of your favorite fabric store for appropriate fabric. I've found flame resistant fabric in the marked down section for 44 cents a yard. I bought 10 yards and vary the color of the ribbing.
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