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How to Ease in a Hem to Prevent Tucks and Gathers for a Flat Smooth Hem


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When and Where to Use Hem Tape or Hem Lace
Wright's Lace Hem Tape, ribbon hem tape and hem facing

Hem Tape, Lace Hem Tape and Lace Hem Facing

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Hem tape and hem lace can be found in fabric stores where bias tape is sold. The area where I live has limited sources for many sewing notions so these tapes can be difficult to find locally.

Why Use Hem Tape?

  • A fabric that needs a finished edge but is thick so that if you pressed under and edge, you would have a bump that is apt to press through the outside of the garment, is an ideal place to use hem tape. The hem tape, will secure the fabric edge but also provide a transition as the hem edge is attached.
  • If the amount of fabric you have is a little scarce, using a hem tape or lace will extend the amount of fabric for the hem facing.
  • A fabric that has very little capability of easing the fibers together can be eased in a bit more by using a hem tape that is also eased to fit in the desired area.
  • These tapes offer a smooth surface in an area that the fabric may not be smooth when it is rubbing against skin or nylons. Many loosely woven fabrics will not give a sooth edge even with the fabric turned under. Using a seam tape along the hem edge solves this problem.

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