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Free Step by Step Directions to Sew Bound Buttonholes


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Basic Pointers for making bound buttonholes
A completed bound buttonhole

A completed bound buttonhole

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  • A perfect bound buttonhole is rectangular and no wider then 1/4", unless you are working with fabric that is exceptionally thick or bulky. This would make each side of the inset no wider then 1/8".
  • If you are making a series of these buttonholes it is best to make each step on each buttonhole before moving on to the next step.
  • When machine sewing, do not back stitch. It usually results in an unperfect rectangle.
  • Always use interfacing or underlining on the garment fabric to provide stability.
  • To practice making bound buttonhole and "get the hang of it", try making larger then normal buttonholes. Practice on scraps until you feel confident.
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