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How to Cover Cording to Create Your Own Piping


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Measure the Cording
A photo showing a tape measure measuring cording that will be covered.

Use a tape measure to measure around the cording.

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Choose the cording that you want to cover. Cording is available in a variety of sizes.

Using a tape measure

  • Lay the cording on the tape measure at the amount of seam allowance you will be using on what you are attaching the piping to.
  • Wrap the tape measure around the cording and back to the end of the tape measure.
  • Where the end overlays the tape measure is the width of the fabric you will need to cover the coring.
The length of the cording will be the measurement from the area you want to insert the piping. Add a few inches to be sure you will have enough.
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