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Learn How to Transfer Pattern Markings and The Types of Tools Used


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Fabric Marking Tools to Transfer Pattern Markings
An Assortment of Marking Tools

An Assortment of Marking Tools

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
There are many types of fabric marking tools available. The tool you use will be a matter of preference in most cases.

The most common tools are:

  • Tailors Chalk & Marking Pencils - This is available in many forms at sewing notions departments
  • Dressmaker's Carbon is available in non-wax, wax and vanishing forms. They are all a sheet for of transferring material.
  • Tracing Wheels are available in a variety of forms. Wheels are smooth or spoked. Some have extra features such as a smooth area for pressure marking.
  • Vanishing Tools - These are wonderful IF you are able to sit and finish your garment. If you are a "stop and go" sewer, the markings may be gone before you are ready for that marking.
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