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Darts in Clothing - What is a Dart & How to Sew Darts


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Pressing darts
Trimmed and Pressed Bulky Dart

Trimmed and Pressed Bulky Dart

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Press the dart as it was sewn. Press in the direction that is instructed in the pattern directions. Use a pressing ham to maintain the shape the dart has added to the garment. Clip if necessary as instructed in the pattern directions. Some fabrics require a variation in clipping and trimming.
  • A loosely woven fabric that frays easily should not be clipped at the same place on both layers of the dart. Instead move the scissors so that you are clipping next to the first clip but not at the same fabric thread.
  • A very bulky fabric may require you to trim the fold of the dart. Trim leaving a seam allowance width if needed. Grade the seam allowance of needed to prevent a bulky line on the exterior of the fabric or press the dart open as shown on this dart in bulky fleece.
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