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Sewing: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Before You Start to Sew, Here's What You Need...
Don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed with more information than you need! You'll find everything you need, the best ways to begin sewing and avoid being overwhelmed on this page! Learn where to start and what's important with free patterns and information.
What Is a Thread Serger?
Understanding what a serger or overlock machine does will help you make an educated decision before purchasing or deciding if you need a serger. Follow these pages for an educational tutorial of what a serger or overlock machine can offer you for your home sewing advancements.
Free Sewing Patterns for Panties, Bras, Slips...
Sewing your own panty, bra, slip or any kind of undergarment allows you to make underwear that will fit and in a color and fabric you want.
Free Patterns to Sew Your Own Teddy Bears
There are thousands of free teddy bear sewing patterns on the internet but finding the best ones for the project you want to make can be a challenge. This page offers you the twenty best free sewing patterns for teddy bears on the Internet.
Sewing Machine Manuals
It's easy to find a used sewing machine, but it's rare that the manual will accompany that machine. No problem... you can find a replacement sewing machine manual so you can get the most out of that sewing machine and find all the information you need to make sewing with it a pleasure. Page 12.
Free Bag, Tote, Clutch, Backpack, Pocketbook &...
If you're looking for a way to make a fantastic bag, just the way YOU want it to be, this is the place to visit! You'll find photos of the many free patterns for all kinds of bag patterns available with step by step instructions and the suggested sewing skill level for completing the project here. Use these free patterns to make your own purse for every outfit or traveling need.
How to Baste
Baste is a commonly used sewing term and basting can save you time as well as test fitting before you actually sew. Learn how basting is done here.
Sewing Machine Troubleshooting
Sewing machine problems stop your sewing. Knotting thread on your sewing machine is a correctable problem. Learn basic troubleshooting for your sewing machine to save costly repair bills and start sewing again in no time.
Free Sewing Patterns for Cute Clothing
Free Sewing Patterns can save you a fortune! Free is always best! Here you'll find all kinds of free clothing patterns to sew clothes for everyone without the expense of buying a pattern.
Sewing Machine Needle Sizes
Have you ever wondered about all the numbers associated with a package of sewing machine needles? Understanding the numbers associated with sewing machine Needles will help you make the correct choice and possibly solve machine problems. Learn more here. Page 2.
Trouble Shooting Guide to Fix Your Sewing Machine
Are you experiencing a bird nest of tangled thread, skipped stitches, the machine refusing to feed the fabric or another problem with your sewing machine? This list will guide you to the information you need to solve the problem your sewing machine is having... so you can get back to sewing and have fun being creative!
How to Make Hats
Hat making doesn't have to be a dieing art. Use free patterns and the wealth of information available on the Internet. A simple click with take you to free hat patterns,and the best hat making information on the Internet.
Free Sewing Patterns for Cute Dolls' Clothes
These free sewing patterns to sew clothes for barbie and other fashion dolls make child's play and economical possibility. Free sewing patterns are an easy on the budget way to sew Fashion Doll or Barbie clothes for your child or for charity to make a child in need happy.
39 Easy Free Sewing Projects for Beginners
Free patterns are a great way for a beginner to start learning to sew. You'll find a variety of the easiest free patterns for beginners and learning to sew in this list of free sewing patterns. Starting a new craft does not have to be challenging when the instructions are easy to follow and designed for a beginner.
Free Pattern and Directions to Sew Your Own...
This free pattern and directions will guide you through everything you need to sew your own cover for your stand mixer.
No Sew Sewing - Fusible Options to Join Fabric
Sewing doesn't have to be a needle and thread. Learn about quick hemming options and repairing tears or ripped fabric and more by using fusible web options.
Free Sewing Patterns to Sew Protection from Hot...
Sew your own potholders and oven mitts using the free sewing patterns offered here. Make your apron, curtains and pot holders to match your kitchen.
The Top Techniques for Basic Hand Sewing
Hand sewing can accomplish what a sewing machine does, with time and patience. Basic hand sewing is the least expensive way to sew fabric, and can save you from buying a sewing machine for mending jobs. It can also be a relaxing thing to do when you are watching television or waiting for an appointment. Learn how to correctly form stitches and the names for different hand sewn stitches here.
Sew Your Own Duvet Covers; Free Directions and...
Free directions, measurements and information to sew a duvet cover in all the common bed sizes can be found here. Cover your comforter or quilt with a duvet cover for a new look.
Sew a Toddler Sun Bonnet with a Ruffle Brim
We all know that one of the keys to preventing skin cancer is starting early. Sew sun bonnets to protect your toddler from sun damage. Find a free pattern and directions here.
Fabric Grain - Lengthwise, Crosswise and Bias...
Almost any pattern you read will tell you to follow the lengthwise, crosswise or bias grain of fabric. Learn what these terms mean and understand their importance with the information you'll find here.
Sew Your Own Every Day Style Handbag
The free pattern to sew this pocketbook, creates a purse that is perfect for everyday use. It's large enough to hold all the necessities but not so large that you'll wish it was on wheels. Follow the step by step, photo enhanced directions to sew a perfect handbag!
Sew a Shrug
A shrug is the perfect solution to cover bare shoulders and add style to an outfit. Convert a tee shirt or other ready made item to make your perfect shrug. Explore the free patterns to sew a shrug here.
10 Easy Things to Sew
You'll find the ten easiest sewing project that are a wonderful way to learn as you sew or get you sewing again after a slump. These are simple sewing projects that will help you learn many sewing basics before moving on to more complicated sewing patterns and projects.
Sew a Removable Money Hiding Bra Pocket
Traveling with cash can be risky. Hiding money in your bra has been done for a long time. Secure the cash in your bra with this simple to sew removable money hiding bra pocket.
Sew a Clutch Purse - Free Pattern and Directions
Here you'll find a free pattern and directions to sew a clutch purse that isn't overly large but is large enough to actually carry the things you need. You're the designer as you sew this bag so dress it up or down to meet your needs.
How to Sew a BBQ Apron in 7 Steps
Summer Barbecues, Father's Day, birthday gifts, what ever your reason a barbecue apron is always useful! Free, full directions to sew a bbq apron can be found here.
Free Directions to Sew Envelope Back Pillow...
Keep it cheap! Save the expense of new pillows or stuffing by covering your old pillows with a simple to sew, removable and washable pillow cover.This envelope pillow cover is a simple to sew a project that makes covers for your throw pillows. You'll find full free directions to sew a simple slip cover for your throw pillows.
Sewing Machine Manuals or Replacement Manuals
A sewing machine manual is the key to knowing everything about your sewing machine and it's capabilities. Whether you inherited the machine, found it at a yard sale or on the side of the road, obtain a free or replacement manual to take care of the machine and use it to it's fullest potential. Find sources for sewing machine manuals here.
What You Need to Know to Sew Knits and Stretchy...
If you've never sewn a knit fabric before it can be a intimidating but it doesn't have to be. Save all of your scraps, or grab some stretchy fabric from your rag pile and try out these simple tricks and tips to sew knits before you start your project and you'll enjoy every second of sewing knits!
Sew a Pillowcase - Standard, Queen, King or...
Sewing your own pillowcase is all straight sewing. Making a pillow case is a great beginner project, a great way to have the color, print and fabrics you want and a great way to save money. These free instructions will guide you through every step to sew your own pillowcase.
Bobbin Thread Bunching, Looping and Tangling
It looks like your sewing machine is sewing a birds nest of looping, knotted thread on the bottom or bobbin side of your sewing. Usually the solution is extremely simple and will not require a trip to the repair shop. You can solve that problem is a hurry with this information to solve loopy bobbin thread.
Fusible Web - - What is it and how to use it
Fusible web can be the perfect solution for quick fixes and no sew sewing. What is fusible web, how do you use it... find the answers here
Sew a Toddler's Fluted Edge Hat
Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Toddler's Fluted Edge Hat We all know that one of the keys to preventing skin cancer is starting early. Sew sun bonnets to protect your toddler from sun damage. Find a free pattern and directions here. toddler baby hat sun bonnet sun free pattern directions toddler baby child sun bonnet hat protection skin cancer
Sew a Trick Wallet
This trick wallet works magic.Put the money in one way, close the wallet and it comes out a different way. Use up fabric scraps to make a trick wallet that will last much longer than the widely available paper version.
Free Directions to Sew Your Own Hair Scrunchies
Use this free pattern and directions to sew a scrunchy to match every outfit. Make a box full of scrunchies from scraps as a great gift! These directions allow mass production and no hand sewing.
How to Tie a Perfect Bow
Learn how to tie the perfect bow to decorate clothing, a package or any bow need. Anyone can tie a perfectly balanced bow with the free step by step directions you will find here.
Fix Your Sewing Machine Problems
Sewing machine problems stop people from sewing and being creative. Save money on repairs, because most sewing machine problems have simple solutions that do not require a trip to the sewing machine repair shop. Follow this easy check list to solve common sewing machine problems.
How to Sew a Simple Basic Curtain Panel,...
Sewing a straight simple curtain panel is an easy to sew project if you have easy to follow step by step instructions and take things one step at a time. You'll be making all of your window treatments when you see how easy it is! Follow these instructions to sew a simple, basic straight curtain panel. You'll be making your own window treatments in no time!
Sewing Straight Lines Tips and Tricks
Sewing a straight line is not as difficult as it may seem when you are using a sewing machine.A couple of simple tricks will having you sew perfectly straight seams and lines. You'll wonder why it ever seemed like a problem to sew straight stitching.
Sewing Classes - Free Sewing Classes Index
What could be better than having free sewing classes? These free sewing classes help you learn how to sew, starting with the very basics before cutting you loose to sew the hundreds of free patterns you'll find on the internet. This page is an index to ALL of the free sewing classes that have been offered on About Sewing. Learn to sew in a step by step method, gradually building your skills.
Sewing Pattern Alteration and Fitting Articles
Fitting a pattern to your body is not a mystery. Knowing how to make the alterations is a matter of learning about what changes need to be made. Learn about sewing pattern alterations and fitting issues with this list of wonderful sewing alteration and fitting articles.
Darts in Clothing - What is a Dart & How to...
What do darts do and how do you sew them? Learn about darts here.
Sew a Tote Bag with a Recessed Zipper
This free pattern sews a tote bag that has a recessed zipper which is perfect for a weekend get away.I resisted paying $45 for a similar bag and designed my own. This bag has a zipper set down in the top of the bag, securely holding the bag contents and is large enough to pack a weekend get away. You'll find free directions here.
Free Directions to Sew Your Own Quality Kerchief
A kerchief is a great and simple way to mask a bad hair day. You'll find free simple step by step directions to sew a simple kerchief here.
Everything You Need to Know About Sewing...
Sewing machine needles are the most changeable part of your sewing machine and they can change how your machine forms stitches. Find how they work, information on needle sizes, specialty needles and more here.
Free Directions to Sew a Simple Tote Bag
Sewing a tote bag is a simple project. No one ever has enough totebags. Make a tote bag as a gift, for grocery shopping or to keep in your luggage. The free step by step directions offer various sizes for your finished bag and make this a simple to sew project that anyone can sew!
Create Easy to Fit Fabric with Elastic Thread
Sew a simple to sew elastic gathered sun dress or skirt using the elastic thread gathered fabric that you make yourself, by following these free, easy to follow, step by step directions. Page 3.
Sew Your Own Cloth Napkins with Mitered Corners
Complete free directions for sewing your own cloth napkins with mitered corners can be found here.
Calculate Fabric Needs to Sew Simple Panel...
Calculating the amount of fabric you need to buy when you want to make curtains is the second step... measuring and deciding what you want is the first. Learn more about calculating the amount of fabric you need to purchase to make your own curtains here.
Make Your Own Nurse Cap - Free Pattern and...
Free pattern and directions for making a Halloween or stage costume nurse's cap. Links to full nurse's costume ideas are included.
How to Hand Sew a Backstitch for Strong Durable...
You can mend and sew without a sewing machine if you know how to sew strong durable hand stitch that will hold in even the most strenuous situation. A backstitch is the perfect solution. Learn how to sew a back stitch here.
Free Pattern to Sew a Bunny Door Stop
This free sewing pattern will make a wonderful doorstop that is unmistakably a bunny. Use different colors and crafty decorations to make it an Easter Bunny or a wild field bunny. The choices are yours but it's bound to be adorable.
Stay Stitching
The definition of stay stitching as a sewing term
Free Sewing Pattern to Sew a Dog Coat for a...
This free sewing pattern to sew a weatherproof and warm dog coat is easy to sew and an economical alternative to buying a dog coat at the doggie boutique. Learn more about this free dog coat sewing pattern here.
Before You Sew Seams-- Everything You Need to...
Seams are a basic sewing technique that are called for in almost everything you sew. Learning everything you can about a seam can assure perfect results. Find that information here.
Before You Try Embroidery Sewing Machines
Embroidery sewing machines add the ability to add beautiful additions and embroidery accents to any sewing or fabric. Learn the basics of embroidery sewing machines you will need to know to be an educated consumer. Learn why embroidery sewing machines are special and how embroidery sewing machines can change the things you sew.
How to Use a Needle Threader
They come with some sewing needles and can be purchased in almost all sewing notion sections but many people set them aside rather then figure out how to use them. Here you'll find step by step instructions to using a needle threader. You'll never want to thread a needle without one again!
Sew Your Own Pillow Cases
Learn how to sew your own pillowcases with a variety of free directions. This assortment of pillow case patterns and directions are bound to have the perfect pillow case for what you want decorating your bed!
Before You Shop for a Sewing Machine Learn...
Buying sewing machines can seem like an over whelming experience. Before shopping for sewing machines, learn the things you should know about a sewing machine. Find how to choose your dealer and your dream sewing machine here.
Free Directions to Sew a Custom Tablecloth
You'll find free directions to sew a custom round, square, oval or rectangle tablecloth here.
Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Bridal...
Every bride needs a tossing garter to throw at her wedding reception. Sew her a special garter by following these free, easy to follow, step by step pattern and directions.
Baste is one othe most common sewing terms you will see when you are learning to sew. Find the definition of baste here.
Sewing Machine Seam Guides
A sewing machine seam guide assures accurate seams. They are avalable in many forms and may even be in your tool box or stationary. Find options for sewing machine seam guides here. Page 13.
Sewing Elastic - Who, What, When, Where,Why and...
Learn about sewing an elastic waistband and the kind of elastic you will want to use here.
How to Sew a Flanged Pillow Sham
This free sewing pattern will have you sewing your own flanged pillow shams for your bed. This simple to sew pillow sham is a great way to tuck you bed pillows away during the day without having to worry about tucking a bed spread around them.
How To Sew Expensive Looking Professional Lined...
Learn how to sew simple and beautiful drapes with illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Jennifer Thoden shares her directions for making simple lined drapes with illustrations here.
Sew a Basket Liner for Round or Square Based...
Baskets can be an inexpensive home decorating item, but do you know that they basket is made of safe materials? Keep contents in a basket safe and clean by sewing a liner for any basket. You'll find free directions to sew a basket liner for a round, sloped sided basket here.
Free Pattern and Directions to Sew an Eye Glass...
Use this free sewing pattern to sew a useful eyeglass case as a gift or to keep your eye glasses safe. You'll find a free pattern and directions here.
Sewing Patterns for Stuffed Easter Toys
Start early and sew wonderful gifts for Easter presents. Find links stuffed toy sewing patterns like chickens and rabbits here.
Complete Step by Step Directions to ChangeJeans...
Learn how to change jeans in to a skirt following these step by step directions with photos to show you how to change jeans into a skirt.
Sources to Buy Extra Wide Fabric
Extra wide fabric comes in to play when you don't want a seam to join fabric. Descriptions of the type of fabrics that are available and links will lead you to sites that sell extra wide fabric for table linens, bedding, home decoration, duvet covers, window coverings and more.
Sew the Perfect Pillow with Free Patterns
Sew your own perfect pillow. Find a photo and links to every thing you need to sew the free pillow patterns available on this site.
Sewing Videos to Learn How to Sew
Watching these sewing videos is a wonderful way to watch the entire process with someone else doing the task so you can see every step and how the movements happen. Now you can watch free sewing tutorial videos online to learn sewing techniques and follow a project from start to finish. You have a lot of choices with this list of 24 free sewing videos.
Sew a Binder Cover to Organize Your Recipes
If you cook and you surf the Internet, you collect recipes... and need a place to organize them. This binder cover is the perfect gift and recipe organization solution! Read on to find out just how perfect this binder cover is to keep your recipes organized and useful!
Tote Bag Patterns
Tote bag patterns can range from the very simple to the more complicated. All of the free tote bag patterns listed here are great tote bags. All of these patterns have complete easy to follow instructions. Simple tote bag patterns are fast and easy to sew while more complicated patterns may take a little more time but can be accomplished with their free step by step instructions. Sew yourself a tote bag for any and every occasion.
Sew a Cell Phone Case
Sewing your own cell phone case, or making one as a gift allows you to have any print or color you want. Find a free cell phone case pattern and directions for a basic flip style cell phone here.
How to Cover Cording to Create Your Own Piping
Piping is edge treatment that can add detail to home decorating, pillows and clothing. Find full directions to learn how to create your own so you can make piping the color or pattern that you want it to be here.
Sew a Walker Bag to Carry Needed Items
When someone uses a walker they need both hands on the walker... and some way to carry things they need. Customize a walker bag to meet individual needs, sew them for charity and donate them to hospitals and nursing homes, using these free directions and pattern to sew a walker bag.
Is There a Difference In Sewing Threads? You Be...
You've heard the battles over types of sewing thread. Is there a difference in quality of different sewing thread among the brands? You be the judge! See microscopic sewing thread views.
How to Remove and Replace Sewn Stitches
Learn how to properly rip out or remove sewing stitches and then resew or repair a seam here.
Free Pattern and Directions to Sew A Fabric...
You'll find free directions and a pattern to sew a fabric baby toy ball that small hands can grab and hold. This ball is created with sections that are designed for a baby's hand.
Sew a Yoga Mat Bag
Anyone who goes to yoga classes will let you know you need a way to carry your yoga mat and other small items to class. Here's a whole list of free sewing patterns to sew a yoga bag. Browse the entire list and choose what bag or features will meet your needs before deciding on one particular pattern.
Thread a Sewing Machine Bobbin
Thread on the bobbin of a sewing machine is necessary for the upper thread and bobbin thread to form stitches. Putting thread on the bobbin has a few musts, but it really is an easy process if you know what to do. These pages of step by step directions was set up to teach anyone how to put thread on a sewing machine bobbin.
Sewing Tools
When you aren't sure what a tool looks like, it can be difficult to shop for. See photos of sewing tools and learn what they are used for, how to care for them, when to use them, the available options and more.
Sew a Baby Bib From a Finger or Hand Towel
Free directions to convert an ordinary hand towel or finger towel into a baby bib can be found here.
Free Pattern to Sew a Small Pet Bed - A perfect...
Use this free sewing pattern to create a comfortable spot for your cat or small dog to leave their hair instead of them leaving it on the couch. You'll find a free pattern and directions here.
Before You Choose a Seam Finish
What a waste to sew something and have it fall apart the first time you wash it. Seam finishes preserve a sewing item and add strength to the seam. Find your seam finish options here.
How to Sew Simple Custom Curtains
Making your own curtains can seem like a scary project. This article presents step by step instructions to sew curtains that are what you want.
Sew a Durable, Reusable Grocery Bag
Sure you can buy reusable grocery bags but will they hold up to repeated use? The whole idea of a re-usable grocery bag is to prevent filling our landfills. Make your own bags and know they will last for years.
Removing Two Part Buttons on Denim - Sew News...
SewingQA from Sew News Magazine - I would like to remove the buttons on a denim jacket and replace them. How can I remove them without resorting to an electric saw? Find the answer here.
Bias Tape Q&A
Bias tape may be purchased or you may make it your self to match your garment. Find details about bias tape here.
Thread a Needle - Top 10 Needle Threading Tips
Thread a needle with out any challenge by following the tips and trick compiled here for threading a sewing needle. Read how others accomplish threading a needle. Getting the thread in the eye of a needle is an accomplish-able task with this list of tips and tricks. You'll find tips and tools to make threading a sewing needle easy so you're ready to have fun sewing.
Stitches Available on a Two, Three, Four and...
View all the stitches that can be sewn with a five thread serger here.
Free Slipper Sewing Patterns and Ideas
You'll find a variety of information about sewing slippers, where to find free slipper patterns and commercial slipper patterns in this list of slipper resources. My friends look forward to new homemade slipper from me every Christmas. Sewing slippers makes slippers that are comfy and fit, at an economical price because you can use scraps.
Nap Definition as Related to Fabric
Learn and understand fabric nap to prevent mistakes.
Free Pattern to Sew a Gathered Skirt for Barbie...
Little girls love Barbie and dressing Barbie in pretty clothes is a large part of the charm. This free gathered skirt for fashion dolls will fit Barbie and only uses scraps of your fabric. Free pattern and step by step directions to sew this skirt can be found here.
Sew a Custom Sewing Machine Or Serger Cover
All sewing machines are shaped a bit differently. The best cover for a sewing machine is one that you custom make for your sewing machine. Follow these free directions to create a pattern for your sewing machine cover and follow step by step directions to sew a sewing machine cover.
How to Sew a Basic Fabric Yo-Yo
How to sew a fabric yo-yo or a gathered circle of fabric is a common question. You'll find free step by step photo enhanced directions to sew a fabric yo-yo here.
Sew An Insulating Soda Can or Juice Box Wrap
An insulating soda can or juice box wrap keeps the beverage cold and identifies who's is who's at a party. You'll find free pattern to sew your own can insulating wrap here.
Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Fabric...
Use this free pattern and directions to sew a fabric tissue box cover as a great get well gift.
Sew an Expandable Headband to Match Any Outfit
1- 6 1/2" piece of 3/4" wide non-roll elastic ( Information about elastic ) Thread to match the fabri
Kitchen Sewing Patterns
Save money by using free sewing patterns to change your kitchen. No need to spend money to spruce up your kitchen with these free patterns. Many of them are small and easily made with just scraps of fabric.
Sew Gifts with Scraps of Fabric
You can sew gifts from scraps of fabric. Follow these free patterns and projects that will only take scraps of fabric to make but will be appreciated far beyond they day the gift is received.
How to Back Stitch and Lockstitch With Your...
Secure the end of your seams with back stitching or a lock stitch to prevent the sewing from coming undone and know you can count on your sewing to hole up to the most rigorous uses. Follow these simple to follow instructions to create strong duable sewing.
How To Sew on a Shank Button
Simple to follow text directions to learn how to sew on a shank button.
How To Shorten a Zipper
Shortening a zipper to the length you want is not a hard task. Step-by-step directions will take you through the process.
Before You Operate a Sewing Machine
Everything you need to make a wise choice in purchasing a sewing machine, operating and understanding a sewing machine can be found here. Learn how to obtain the manual for your machine, reach out for help and explain your problem so others can help you operate your sewing machine and have fun sewing.
Fit For You: Shoulder Savvy- Shoulder Fitting...
Visit the Sew News Web site online home for the monthly fashion how-to magazine. You'll find sewing projects tips techniques machines answers fashions fabrics message boards chat room discounts and contests. Learn to sew or upgrade your construction fitting alterations and embellishment skills.
Sewing an Invisible Zipper - Step by Step Photo...
Follow this guide to understand how to sew in an invisible zipper. Theses photo enhanced step by step directions will guide you through everything you need to know to be thrilled with your installation of an invisible zipper.
What is a Sewing Machine Zipper Foot
Learn what the zipper foot that came with your sewing machine is and how it works here.
How To Thread A Sewing Machine
Sewing machines are handed down and found at yard sales all the time. Very few of these machines still have the owners manual with them. Here you will find basic directions for threading a sewing machine.
Recycle Denim
We all have jeans that don't fit, have a rip, are junk or are just out of style. Here you'll find ways to use those old jeans to make clothing and projects that you can actually wear and use.
How Ruffles Are Gathered & Formed
Gather fabric to create perfect ruffles and even gathering on your sewing projects. You'll find all the information, with tips and tricks to gather fabric here.
Free Sewing Projects and Patterns for...
We need to preserve the earth we have... and we can with many sewing techniques and environmentally friendly sewing projects. Prevent fabric from filling the landfill!
Before You Choose Interfacing, Know the Basics
Choosing interfacing does not have to cause you to panic. Knowing some simple basics will help you make your interfacing decisions much less daunting. Learn about interfacing for all of your sewing needs here.
Handicap or Self-Threading Needles
Handicap or self-threading sewing machine needles may be the solution if you are having difficulty threading your sewing machine needle. Find more information here. Page 3.
Free Pattern to Create a Two Tone Fabric Hand...
Follow this free sewing pattern to make a two tone fabric hand bag that will catch everyone's attention.The free step by step directions will guide you through the process. You'll be making more than one in no time!
Free Sewing Patterns for Aprons
Use any of these free apron sewing patterns to create an apron you love. Aprons not only prevent stains when you are cooking, they are a style statement. Sewing your aprons, for gifts or for yourself, allows you to use novelty prints and trims that you would never find in a ready made apron, if you can even find an apron to buy.
Sewing Lesson Index
This page is an index to ALL of the free sewing lessons that have been offered on About Sewing. Learn to sew in a step by step method, gradually building your skills.
All Purpose Tote with Pockets Outside and a...
No need to spend a fortune to have a remarkable tote for books or an overnight get away. The free pattern found here will guide you through sewing your own tote bag with wonderful outside pockets and a secure pocket inside the bag in the lining, all in a colorful stylish bag!
How to Use a Sewing Machine Blind Hem Stitch.
Many sewing machines have a built in blind hem stitch capability. Learn tricks to using a sewing machine blind stitch to sew hems here.
Free Directions to Sew a Round Bolster Pillow
A bolster pillow is a tube shaped pillow with flat ends on it. These free directions will guide you through every thing you need to sew a pillow sham or cover for any size bolster pillow in the colors you want to match your decor. Add bolster pillows to a collection of throw pillows on your bed or couch to make things seem cozy, warm and inviting.
Sewing Machine Operation 101 - Operating a...
Sewing machines don't have to be mysterious to operate if you learn a few basics. These 8 steps will get you going and lead you to all the information you need to start sewing on a sewing machine.
Storage Solutions For Free Patterns and...
Free sewing patterns are easy to organize and keep all the pattern pieces where you can find them. Learn how here.
Sewing Machine Information
Knowing the parts of a sewing machine and what they do, makes it possible to operate almost any sewing machine. Learning about the parts before you go shopping to buy a sewing machine makes you an educated consumer and less likely to be taken advantage of by a pushy salesperson. Learn everything you can by seeing sewing machines parts and information about those parts here.
Types of Hook and Eye Closures and Sewing Hook...
Learn how to sew on a hook and eye, when to sew a hook and eye. which type of hook and eye to sew in place and more about sewing a hook an eye here.
A bodkin is designed to pull an item (such as elastic or drawstring)through a casing but did you know there is a way to achieve the task without spending money on a bodkin? Find out about a bodkin and alternatives here. Page 11.
How to Applique with Fusible Web
Applique done with fusible web is one of the simplest methods. Learn how to applique with fusible web here.
Add Stiffness and Shape to Clothing and Costumes
You have a costume in mind and no pattern is available. You can achieve the costume that you have in your imagination if you know how to use different items to stiffen, shape and mold the fabric to create your costume. Learn the tools, notions and tricks to make the costume in your imagination become a reality.
Definitions Of Pattern Symbols
A tutorial for understanding pattern symbols: simplicity pattern company finished garment seam allowance pattern tissue direction sheet
How To Sew a Hanging Dish Towel - Free Patterns...
Hanging dish towels are a great way to have towels where you need them, when you need them. Sew them yourself to have the color and type you want! You'll find free patterns and directions here.
Sewing Patterns to Sew Your Own Hats
Sewing your own hat gives you endless possibilities. The sun is dangerous to our skin. A hat is a simple way to protect your face, ears and neck from excessive sun and damage. Find hat sewing pattern suggestions here.
Free Pattern & Directions to Sew a Fabric...
A women's wallet is a small item that can cost a fortune. Use your fabric scraps to sew wallets that are you and leave you with money to put in the wallet!You'll find a free pattern and directions for a wallet that has a coin section and credit card section here.
Free Pattern to Sew a Large Pet Bed - A perfect...
Use this free sewing pattern to create a comfortable spot for your large cat or medium to large dog to leave their hair instead of them leaving it on the couch. You'll find a free pattern and directions here.
Denim Fabric Information -- Denim Weights
You want to buy denim online but you are use to the hand and feel fabric at the fabric store. Online they list denim by weight. Untangle the mystery here.
Sew Your Own Custom Bed Skirt-Dust Ruffle for...
Knowing how much fabric to buy before you head to the fabric store is the best way to save money by not buying too much fabric and avoid frustration by not having enough fabric. This article guides you through figuring out how much fabric you will need to make a custom bed skirt. Page 2.
Learn How to Transfer Pattern Markings and The...
In order to obtain accurate results when you are sewing, you need to transfer the pattern markings on to the fabric. Learn how to transfer the pattern markings and the types of pattern transfer marking tools that are available here.
Simple to Sew One Yard Apron with a Drawstring...
This is a very simple to sew apron that only requires one yard of fabric. This free apron pattern features a drawstring waistband and patch pockets.
Webbing to Sew Straps on Bags, Totes and...
Webbing to make straps for the bags that you sew should not be a mystery to find at reasonable prices and should be easy to find in a variety of widths, colors and fibers. This article will guide you to the who, what, when, where and why of buying webbing for bag, tote and purse straps.
Economical Fabric Sources
You're learning to sew or your kids are learning to sew and you need inexpensive fabric to practice sewing techniques. Perhaps you need scraps to sew the many free projects found on the internet. Here you'll find places to find great inexpensive fabric without breaking the bank.Find out about those sources here.
Sew Your Own Purse, Pocketbook and Hand Bags
Sewing a pocketbook, purse or handbag with free sewing patterns allows you to have designer handbags at a bargain price, in the colors and fabrics you want! Explore these free patterns to create a bag for every possible occasion and outfit you own!
Free Pattern and Directions to Sew Elf Costume...
This free pattern for elf costume shoes creates fun footwear for school plays, Halloween or just dress up fun. Add bells to the curly toes for more fun. This free pattern is accompanied by step by step instructions and photos so they are easy to follow.
Sew a Simple String Drawstring Backpack
Free pattern for a simple drawstring backpack. This light-weight backpack is perfect for day trip toting and gym clothes. Make a couple to keep in your luggage. They take up very little space and solve the inevitable problem of packing the extras you always come home with.
Sew a Baby Tag Blanket
Sewing a tag blanket is a simple sewing project, especially with all of these free available patterns and tutorials. Rather than chose one, I strongly recommend you browse all of the free patterns before you start. You'll find a wealth of ideas and possibilities in these free tag blanket tutorials to make the most unique and special tag blanket possible.
Before You Start Sewing Your Own Curtains
Sewing your own curtains is not difficult if you know the basics before you start sewing your own curtains. Learn everything you need to know before you begin sewing your own curtains here.
Clothing and Wardrobe Accessories
Use these free sewing patterns and scraps of fabric to sew wardrobe accessories that will prove to be easy and economical ways to stretch your wardrobe budget. These step by step directions will guide even a beginner to sew a wonderful assortment of free patterns for wardrobe accessories.
Toy And Doll Making Tips
Tips and pointers to keep in mind when you are sewing, creating and making children's toys and stuffed animals. Links to free toy projects and safety standards.

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