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Reader Submissions: Share What you Have Sewn Using the Free Patterns and Projects on this Site


Sewing.about.com has offered many new free patterns and projects since 1997. One of the most wonderful things about sewing is that you have the ability to tweak and make things as individualistic as you are. Fabric alone can make something look entirely different than the example that is shown on the directions. Share your experiences and sewing projects to encourage others to start sewing.
Share Your Project

Plastic Bag Holder and Matching Towel Finished project

I have been sewing about three years. I have labored over outfits for my granddaughter, only for her to outgrow them in 15 minutes. I find more satisfaction in "craft" sewing. I've experimented with …More

More - Kate's Placemat Gifts

There are some for boys and some for girls. I have other photos that show them open. My grandchildren and great grandchildren love these because they have their own utensils and a special place at th…More

Linda's Version of the Free Chef Hat Pattern

about 4 hours, total (including the parts I did wrong and had to redo!). Part of what took so long was adding the strip with the words, "Happiness is in the kitchen," which is what's on his apron, on…More

Viewer Submitted Log Carrier Experience

Couple hours, I made a few modifications for customization purposes. I sew daily at a place that makes gloves, bags (hockey, backpacks, etc) and other items, plus I have experience in clothes and pat…More

Viewers Experience Making the Free Potholder Pattern

I have been sewing on and off for 25 years. My daughter just started sewing in the last 6 months. It took me about an hour to complete this project from cutting, quick quilting the towel scraps, to f…More

Kate's Placemat Gifts for Grandchildren

Including the cut out time, it took me about 2 hours to completion. On one of the mats I used pre-quilted fabric that had different fabric on each side. Using this type of fabric made the project tak…More

Jacqu's Bum Bag - A Pocketbook from Old Jeans

I have sewn most of my life, clothes, crafts, etc. I enjoy sewing crafty gifts more than anything, that's why I like your site the best. Always something new to try.It only took me about 2 hours to m…More

Nana's Insulated Can Wrap and Insulated Bottle Holders

The soda wrap took me about thirty minutes to complete with cutting out of the fabric and lining. It took me a little longer for the ones I made my father, who has MS, with a little twist to them.It …More

Nina's Decorated Plastic Bag Holder

I have been sewing now for about 40 years.The ideas on crafts and sewing in about.com motivate me to try new things.My entire Christmas was made up of things I made as gifts.On this project it took m…More

Walker Bag Sewn by Shirley

It took approximately a week, I babysit my 4mo.old grand daughter and would sew when she was napping. My schedule here is sometimes pretty crazy, with taking care of my parents, home and others, I ha…More

Merrianne's Guy Wallets Sewn from the Free Wallet Pattern

I've been sewing since I was 11. I made 8 wallets for grandsons, one nephew and friend's sons. The last one took about an hour and a half including making the bias tape and embroidering their names o…More

See How Gloria Used the Free Dish Soap Apron Pattern

Takes approx. 15 minutes to make without the embroidery. I've been sewing for many years and this is the easiest thing I've ever made, I've made many of these, it is any easy way to disguise the soap…More

Keep Cool Neck Scarves Made by Cindy

I've been sewing for many years and this project is great for using scraps and in the end you have a useful item. They also sell well at craft shows. The picture shows them folded in half. The neck c…More

Shawl with Pockets by Cindy

I have been sewing for 35 years. This was a very easy project. I used my sewing/embroidery machine and my serger. It only took me a few hours to complete this project. I embroidered on each pocket an…More

Duffel Bags by Melanie

Most of the bags took me less than an hour start to finish once I had the sizes worked out. The first one took a bit longer, but the following ones were super quick. I really enjoyed this pattern, so…More

Clutch Purses Sewn By Bird Crafts

I've been sewing for about 2 months and it only took me one day to complete one purse. The tutorial was great, but I got a bit confused at parts. But the best way to learn is to have ago, so I did!!!…More

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