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Reader Submissions: Baby Lock Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences


Over the years Baby Lock has supplied many sewing machines for sewing at home. Experience is an excellent monitor to help someone before they make a purchase. Read what others have experienced with their Elna sewing machine. ( To ask questions and connect with other people who may own the same machine, please visit our sewing forum.)

Tell Your Baby Lock Story

Baby Lock Quilters Choice Sewing Machine Owner Review

I HATE it! With every new project, I'm waiting for the next problem to crop up: will the threader work or the spring break? Will the bobbin winder work properly or foul up the thread? will the stitch…More

Baby Lock Quilters Choice Professional Model BLQP

I have had trouble since the beginning with this machine. Just when I get the stitches to look good on top and bottom, I put it on the table and the look bad either on top or bottom, I have cleaned o…More

baby lock model Bl450 serger

I am very disappointed in this machine as I have never been able to get a good stitch on it,no matter how tight I tighten them my stitch is still loose. the person/salesman that I purchased it from h…More

Baby Lock Ellure ESL Sewing Machine Owner review

It's a Heavy Machine! I like that & runs quietly! I have a lot of older machines, mostly from the 70's - 80's- Kenmore & Singer, & a Euro-Pro from the 90's. This is my first Computerized Machine & I …More

Baby Lock Elure Owner Opinion Review

I purchased this as a replacement for a 20 y/o Viking Huskvarna that I absolutely loved. That machine was destroyed by a power surge.I HATE THIS &*%$% MACHINE! It is very hard to thread with or witho…More

Crafter's Choice Sewing Machine Owners Review

Not satisfied. I repeatedly have trouble with tension issues and have it in and out of the repair. I've tried new needles, different treads, etc. and have the tension setting on "0" where it works ma…More

Baby Lock Esante Sewing Machine Owner Review

loved the performance and ease of use of the machine.Would like to have another if I didn't have to deal with their repair dept.I had a very bad experience and the owner of this franchise didn't seem…More

Baby Lock Ellegante Sewing Machine Owner Review

Not satisfied at all. I am constantly having to take it in to pay someone to get the stuck fabric out of a jam. Yes, I use stabilizers.It usually happens on my off day "Sunday" When Babylock is close…More

Baby Lock Serenade Sewing Machine Owner Review

I'm happy with how this machine sews and it does have wonderful features. However, it does sew loudly, the thread-cutter is loud, and I've had continuous problems with the low-bobbin sensor. It will …More

Baby Lock Designer's Choice Sewing Machine Owner Review

At first I loved the machine, but quickly became very frustrated. It keeps jamming under the needle. The machine locks up, dragging the fabric under the needle. I have had it un-jammmed twice by the …More

BLE8 Babylock Elegant 8 Sewing Machine Owner Review

Totally dissatisfied. Have lost my money. The firm that sold me the machine didn't want to know and I've heard the NZ agency has gone out of business - but that is what I've heard from a sewing machi…More

Baby Lock Ellegante 2 Sewing Machine Owner Review

I am 100% dissatisfied with this machine and Babylock. Wil lnever invest another cent in Babylock products, and I am telling everyone I know about their terrible customer service.They will not work w…More

Baby Lock ellegante BLG Sewing Machine Owner Review

not right now. I can get to embroidery with usb flash drive. and some time it just embroidery the same place. then i have to bring the book and start looking it up.and that time most the time. sew is…More

Babylock Ellegeo Plus Sewing and Embroidery Owner Opinion

Not Satisfied at all! I've owned 2 other Babylocks and never had a problem with them. This one has been in the shop twice, and it's about to go again. The feed dogs kept popping up during embroidery …More

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