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Reader Submissions: Baby Lock Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences


Over the years Baby Lock has supplied many sewing machines for sewing at home. Experience is an excellent monitor to help someone before they make a purchase. Read what others have experienced with their Elna sewing machine. ( To ask questions and connect with other people who may own the same machine, please visit our sewing forum.)

Baby Lock Quilters Choice Sewing Machine Owner Review

I HATE it! With every new project, I'm waiting for the next problem to crop up: will the threader work or the spring break? Will the bobbin winder work properly or foul up the thread? will the stitch…More

Baby Lock Quilters Choice Professional Model BLQP

I have had trouble since the beginning with this machine. Just when I get the stitches to look good on top and bottom, I put it on the table and the look bad either on top or bottom, I have cleaned o…More

Baby Lock Ellure ESL Sewing Machine Owner review

It's a Heavy Machine! I like that & runs quietly! I have a lot of older machines, mostly from the 70's - 80's- Kenmore & Singer, & a Euro-Pro from the 90's. This is my first Computerized Machine & I …More

Baby Lock Elure Owner Opinion Review

I purchased this as a replacement for a 20 y/o Viking Huskvarna that I absolutely loved. That machine was destroyed by a power surge.I HATE THIS &*%$% MACHINE! It is very hard to thread with or witho…More

Babylock Symphony - Sewing Machine Owner Review

Not satisfied with the place I bought it (Sewing Machine World in south Calgary). The lady that I bought it from seemed like we were a big inconvenience when we asked questions. Considering it was $2…More

Baby Lock Serenade Sewing Machine Owner Review

this is the machine from hell. what is supposed to be relaxing is so annoying it cannot be mentioned. I have been sewing my entire life and have never had so much aggrivation in all 67 years, as I ha…More

Baby Lock Ellagio Plus - Owner Review

It is just medium. Bought mainly for embroidery capability and I have had to fight with it alot to get things to work the way they should. I had several issues and had to take it to dealer many times…More

Baby Lock Quilters choice

Very disappointed. I spend more time driving back and forth to the dealer than I do sewing. I paid for so many options that simply don't work. I am meticulous with cleaning and changing needles but n…More

Babylock Espire Sewing Machine Owner Review

Love this machine, stitches beautifully, love the pivoting feature very helpful, machine winds bobbin with no effort from sewer, FMQ stitches nice, good tension, comes with a lot of feet and stitch s…More

Imagine, Esante and Ellagante Owner Review

I will never own another type of machine other than BabyLock. They are the best! I can't think of anything negative to say about my machines. My Imagine is a wonderful serger with the swoosh threader…More

Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Sewing machine Owners Review

Love the threader, the automatic backstitch and cutter, the bobbin winder and the fact that it will handle thick fabric while maintaining a pretty stitch. It's quieter than my other machines. It has …More

Baby Lock Ese Embroidery sewing machine - Owner Review

This machine sews well but I find the seam allowance marks on the throat plate to be confusing for garment construction, which is most of my sewing. At this time I probably would not buy another Baby…More

Imagine Serger & Ellageo BLL Sewing Machine Owner Reviews

This is my 2nd serger and 4th sewing machine. Never had this brand before but I would give it a 100% rating for overall satisfaction. My first serger was an industrial model that I could not find any…More

Baby Lock Elure Sewing Machine Owner Review

I love it.. I might trade it in someday for a fancier model, but there are few complaints about this machine on the babylocksewsioty group on yahoo.I would recommend this as an entry level machine to…More

Baby Lock Ellageo BLL Sewing Machine -- Owner review

Love this machine. My favorite: being able to transfer my designs by USB cable directly from my laptop to my machine.Also: Needle lift, auto threading, auto thread cutting, ease with which the machin…More

Baby Lock Ellure Embroidery Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I love this machine. Highly recommend it. Just one thing is the embroidery cards as so expensive, but sometimes you can get lucky on Ebay. There is a a unit you can buy to be able to download directl…More

BabyLock Quilter's Choice, Esante Sewing Machines -- Owner Reviews

I love the quality of Babylock machines. Neither machine had any problems during the time I've had them. I only upgraded to the Esante because I wanted a more powerful machine that included embroider…More

Baby Lock Ellure Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I love this machine, it is so user friendly it's unbelievable. book takes you step by step . Shows you how to do everything clearly. Just by reading book I was able to learn to embroider. It quilts l…More

Baby Lock Elegante Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I LOVE my Elegante. It sews like a dream. I love the needle self threading feature, The embroidery feature is great, and the stitch is beautiful. The machine is very user friendly, and the owner's ma…More

Baby Lock Ellante Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

Very Poor! Threads as promised, but have frequent problems with miss threading, which needs a technician to take apart the machine. Since I live over an hour away and the technician only comes in one…More

Baby Lock Crafter's Choice and Quilter's Choice Professional Sewing Machine -- O

The Crafter's Choice doesn't have nearly enough decorative stitches! But when I bought it I was hoping to use it mainly for quilting and wasn't that interested in decorative stitches. My next machine…More

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