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Brother Sewing Machine Owner Opinion - CE-5000PRW

Share Your Story: Brother Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences

By ValerieKayA

Brother Sewing Machine Owner Opinion - CE-5000PRW
Brother Sewing Machine Owner Opinion - CE-5000PRW

What Model Brother Sewing Machine You Own/Owned?


How you obtained the machine? (gift, bought new, etc)

bought new

Approximate age of the machine

1 year

Approximate price paid for this machine?


What type of sewing you did/do with this machine?

I use this machine for just about anything and everything from mending clothes, making clothes, making doll clothes to recovering the interior (sound bars, etc) and exterior (railing covers, etc) of a Jeep (recovering everything with leather). Shortening approx 300 'prosthetic posture belts, applying patches to letterman's jackets, ball team t-shirts, etc.

What is your satisfaction level with this machine?

I would give it an overall rating of 100% or even more!!

The features are very simple which makes it fun to use. I had no problem whatsoever learning to use this machine when I first bought it.

I am a work at home seamstress and it is nice knowing that I have a reliable machine here to work with.


  • I would highly recommend this machine to beginners and to experts both. It's features are very simple to use and the performance is great for both lightweight fabrics to heavy duty materials such as leather.
  • I would definately buy this machine again, it is worth it for sure!

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