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Reader Stories: Husquavarna Viking Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences


Over the years Husquavarna Viking has supplied many sewing machines for sewing at home. Experience is an excellent monitor to help someone before they make a purchase. Read what others have experienced with their Husquavarna Viking sewing machine. To ask questions and connect with other people who may own the same machine, please visit our sewing forum.

Husquavarna Viking 990S Sewing Machine

Excellent, even at the end, it sewed like butter. I was the only one who used the machine and took very good care of it. I have made all my daughter's clothes when she was young. She is now 23. I hav…More

Husquavarna Designer One Owner Opinion Review

Very satisfied. Matter of fact I bought a second Designer l to keep in our FL winter home. Bought that machine used (about ten years old). Previous owner had machine checked and serviced by local Vik…More

Husquavarna Viking 1+ Sewing Machine Owner Review

Excellent tension beautiful even thread stitches. The only dissatisfaction is the availability of other stitch cards. Contacted the company....do not make the cards any longer, so stuck with getting …More

Husquavarna Lily 535 Sewing Machine Owner Review

Hoping to enjoy it!! Have not used it yet!! Just got it cleaned up--the previous owner was a smoker and I do mending for people all the time--didn't want things to smell like smoke. I hope to enjoy a…More

Husquavarna 3600

This is a wonderful machine , but it is getting difficult to find parts. The feed dogs had to be replaced and fortunately my wonder of a repair person was able to find a set from an old machine. The …More

viking #1 , kenmore 24 stich, necchi p.o.s.

the kenmore is passable now that we have had it serviced, the necchi is a p.o.s. but is passable. and the viking#1 is awesome but intimidating. but i think i will learn to love it, if i can get some …More

Husquavarna Viking Sewing Machine - Topaz Sewing Machine

I love this machine. It sews so smoothly and is easy to use. The only drawbacks are the embroidery software is not Apple compatible and this machine uses a file format that is relatively new and not …More

Husquavarna Viking Sewing Machine- Sapphire 870, a 350 and a Scandinavia 300

I would love the 870 if it worked properly but am extremely upset with it. It has been in and out of the repair shop since I purchased it and has had at least one trip back to the company where they …More

Husquavarna Viking 1+, Designer 1, Designer SE Sewing Machine Owner Review

After many problems with the 1+ I no longer trusted it for all my sewing so purchased the SE which has become my "main" machine ... though I currently have each set up and being used for different pr…More

Husquavarna Viking Saphire 855 Sewing Machine Owner Review

Very satisfied so far. Went for my first sewing lesson at JoAnns where I purchased my machine. Class was good and very informative.I live 30 miles away from the nearest store so just going to the cla…More

Husquavarna Viking Designer 1 embroidery/sewing machine Owner Review

I still own this machine, and I love it! It is very reliable, and the embroidery adds a dimension previously only dreamed of to my sewing. The machine has hoop sizes from 2" circles through a 14 1/2 …More

Husquavarna Viking Designer 1 - Embroidery Sewing Machine Owner Review

Excellent machine - have always had Husqvarna sewing machines - they are easy to use - has a lot of capabilities, lots of decorative stitches without the embroidery machine. Has several buttonhole st…More

Husquavarna Viking 990,#1+, Designer 1 and Designer SE Sewing Machine Owner Revi

I have loved every Viking I have had an dwould highly reocommend them to anyone. They have a machine for every level of sewing from very beginner to the advanced sewer/embroiderer. My machines have b…More

Husquavarna Viking 200, Sapphire 870 Sewing Machine Owner Review

I love it. When I first got the 870 I had some problems with it which the company tried fixing. It was determined that I had a 'lemon' and they replaced it with no hassle at all. In fact, they gave m…More

Husquavarna Viking Designer 2 Embroidery Sewing Machine Owner Review

I actually have loved this machine always, until, underhanded and behind our backs, this company stopped making the machine, left us with only the stitch and emb. cards we already had. They told me t…More

Husquavarna Viking Model Cl 176 Sewing Machine Owner Review

Very satisfiedRecently, I brought it in to my local sewing center for a tune-up.No major problems found, and it hums along like new. My husband wanted me to buy a new machine, but I am very happy wit…More

Husquavarna Viking Platinum 715 Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I am highly satisfied with this machine.... no problems with except the needle threader is so fragile, but I guess they are the same way in other machines also.I love the sewing advisor on this machi…More

Viking 990, Viking 1+ & Viking Designer SE Sewing Machines -- Owner Reviews

Very satisfied, it is a fairly easy machine to learn & I continue to expand my knowledge of its capabilities. All three machines were very easy with logic to what to do next. I did take the Free less…More

Husquavarna Viking 435 Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I love my machine. It doesn''t have all the features of the newer models but it more than meets my needs. All the Vikings are very well built. I expect to be using it for many, many years. The machin…More

Husquavarna Viking 415 sewing machine and serger 936 -- Owner Review

I love both of my machines, would not trade them for anything. Would consider an upgrade in the future in the Husqvarna line. These machines have been trouble free in their operation. I wipe them dow…More

Husquavarna Viking Lisa Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I like it a lot. Was easy to learn to use it. The auto button holer doesn't do as well as I'd hoped it would on any fabric that isn't very flat and smooth. Needed to get special bobbins for it but th…More

Husquavarna Viking Designer 1 Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I love this machine. I bought this machine from a dealer in Iowa while I was there visiting my son. When I got it to Arkansas, I found the dealers are few and far. There was one in Little Rock which…More

Husquavarna Viking Designer 1 Sewing Machine Owner Review

Very satisfied. I did have to purchase the embroidery system for $2000, but I am able to take my computer generated designs and sew from a floppy disc or memory stick.The machine is easy to operate f…More

Husquavarna Frezzia 415 Sewing Machine and Huskylock 901 Serger -- Owner Review

i am very pleased with them and the viking brand the service you get is wonderful but they now carry brother machines also the stonybrook crew on concord pike off 202 in Wilmington Delaware and borde…More

Husquavarna Viking Designer 1 Sewing Machine -- Owner Review

I give this machine a A+. It's very easy to use & the stitches are built in. Also, the built in help is easy to use. I like the evenness of the stitches and the adjustable tension on the fabric. When…More

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