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Janome's Memory Craft 6000 Sewing Machine Owner Review

Submit an Entry: Janome Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences

By Stervy02

What Model Janome Sewing Machine You Own/Owned?

Memory Craft 6000

How you obtained the machine? (gift, bought new, etc)

Bought new 1985 or 86 replacing a Huskavarna which I loved and had for 28 y

Approximate age of the machine

25 or 26 years old.

Approximate price paid for this machine?

500 600 or 700.

What type of sewing you did/do with this machine?

I sewed every possible thing for myself and the children and house. Curtains to jackets & coats upholstery. Vinyl. Slacks. Blouses, dresses.Tailored.

I use to always have something on the go.

Replaced zippers in ski jackets--there is four layers with this and that was not the neatest so I asked someone with a Industrial Machine to Top Stitch over and it was fine just a little too thick a fabric for a domestic machine.

What is your satisfaction level with this machine?

I also have a Singer that I use to travel with to winter in the south but I prefer this Janome or as it is named Memory Craft. One of the faults I have is the plate over the bobbin- it is clear about an inch and a half in width and it is always catching pins as I sew. It is a little elevated and at exactly the time that you want nothing to happen as your sewing it will catch a pin pulling the fabric.

This machine has never had a problem ever with the mechanism I do keep it clean and change the needle after a project. I oil and maintain so far so good. It sews heavy fabric like Denim and chiffons but then I use tissue paper under the fabric or toilet tissue to give it extra weight so I have no problem under the pressure foot.

Lessons Learned

  • I browsed new machines but I do not need all the bells and whistles as I am not into embroidery although if I was younger I may have been.
  • My Memory Craft 6000 does have basic embroidery for light trimming and that suits me fine. It has 77 different stitches.
  • I trimmed a babies layette with little embroidery figures and they were so sweet using tone on tone thread never thought they would be noticed but they certainly were and I received compliments.

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