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Pfaff 2124, 360, 239 Model Sewing Machines -- Owner Reviews

Submit an Entry: Pfaff Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences

By Lynn Grate

What Model Pfaff Sewing Machine You Own/Owned?

2124, 360, 239 I have other brands but I use my Pfaffs all the time.

How you obtained the machine? (gift, bought new, etc)

My 2124 was purchased by me, the others were gifts.

Approximate age of the machine

2124 is 4 years old, the 360 is from the 80's and the 239 is from the 70's.

Approximate price paid for this machine?

2124 was about $1500

What type of sewing you did/do with this machine?

I use the 2124 for machine embroidery, decorative stitches and buttonholes - I burned out the computer by sewing to fast and had it replaced 2 years ago - so I use the 239 for all non-specialized sewing. The bobbins are a lot less expensive and it is a workhorse.

I haven't used the 360 yet but I plan to since it has a ruffler and I want to know how to use it even though I do ruffles faster on my serger.

What is your satisfaction level with this machine?

I love the specialized features on the 2124 but I am not happy with having to use another machine for everyday sewing. Another down side to this machine is the need to use a card reader to transfer the embroidery designs, the lack of a display screen to view design placement, and the inability to add new decorative stitches. The embroidery software has some problems too.


  • Spend the money to buy a newer model for the ability to add new stitches.
  • If embroidery is important to you, get a model that has a display screen and a direct connection to your computer or a USB port.

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