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Reader Submissions: Singer Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences


At one time almost every home had a Singer Sewing machine. Over the years Singer sewing machines changed with the times and many people had trouble adjusting the the changes Singer made in their sewing machines. Read through the experiences other people have had to decide on a purchase or help if you are having a problem operating your machine. To ask questions and connect with other people who may own the same machine, please visit our sewing forum.

Singer 99 3/4 Sewing Machine Owner review

I love it - wish I could carve out more time on it. There are a few videos online that really inspire me, and by making quilts on this machine, I find it very uplifting to have a machine similar to t…More

Singer 1965 Touch and Sew 600E Sewing Machine Owner Review

Extremely satisfied. I wouldn't trade it for any of the new models. I was 18 years old and it was my first "big ticket" item. It was the best machine Singer made back then and the selling point was t…More

Singer Sewing Machine 15-91, 66K, 99, 101, Stlyist 533 Owner Opinion

Love them all! And I still have them all. Easy enough to maintain/restore yourself if you do some legwork and research. Elegant, simple all metal machines. Far superior to my "new" Kenmore (15 years …More

1977 Tan Singer Sewing Machine Owner Opinion

100%. A good sewing machine is not super lightweight. it should sit and stay put as if weighted. Many plastic machines crack easily (and are lightweight) so i'd avoid plastic. Digital machines, unles…More

Singer Spartan

I absolutely loved that little Singer Spartan, and wish that I had kept it. Since then I have upgraded to a fancy Brother with an embroidery attachment and have a serger, but I would love to have my …More

Singer 1958 #401-A Owner Opinion and Review

I sewed for many years on my original Singer "Touch and Sew" that I purchased new in 1964 with great satisfaction. Last year I purchased a new "Baby Lock", mostly because of the ease of choosing the …More

Singer 2263 Simple Sewing Machine -- Owner Opinion

Greatly satisfiedHave sold it to upgrade because of the 4 step buttonhole, decided I needed a 1 step buttonhole because of the number of buttons I do on reenactment clothingGreat machine except for t…More

Singer Futura 350 Sewing Machine Owner Review

I love this machine, it is a good value for money entry level embroidery machine as well as being a very good general sewer. It comes with good, easy to use software too. Not a lot of designs, but th…More

Singer Sewing Machine Owner Opinion - 8280

The machine seemed to be good, but I have not used it a lot and now it is making this terrible squeaking sound. I have oiled it and removed the covers to try to see what is going on, but didn't want …More

Singer Sewing Machine Owner Opinion - Model 503A

I love this machine it is one of the best that i have and i will keep it goin as long as i can.the singer 66 is a simple machine that requires you to use your feet to pedal the treadle thus turning t…More

Singer Touch and Sew Zig Zag 638 Owner review

I love the push button bobbin wind. No need to take the bobbin out of the machine to reload. It's the only one I have ever used out side of jr. high school. It worked fine for what I knew about sewin…More

Singer 306 Swingneedle machine - Owner Review

It has been a good serviceable machine and still is. Very satisfied.There reallly isn't much more to be said about this machine except that it has been a good machine, has needed very little matenanc…More

Singer Sewing Machine Owner Machine Review

I still need to get some opinions before I invest too much money and/or effort with this machine. It needs a thorough cleaning, but it does run (although I wouldn't run it long before cleaning and oi…More

Singer Overlock Owner Machine Review

I hate it !it rattles and shakes is just a rattling hunk of plastic,will not even sew on the four threads!I have been sewing for 40 years and this is the worst overlocker i have owned,I have solved t…More

Singer Confidence 7470 Sewing Machine Owner Review

I am very satisfied with this machine and would highly recommend it.I have always owned Singer machines in the past, but this is my first electronic one. The stitches are nice and even. I love the s…More

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