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Singer Prelude 8280 Sewing Machine

Submit an Entry: Singer Sewing Machine Owners Voice Their Experiences

By Bethany

What Model Singer Sewing Machine You Own/Owned?

Singer Prelude 8280

How you obtained the machine? (gift, bought new, etc)


Approximate age of the machine

3 years

Approximate price paid for this machine?


What type of sewing you did/do with this machine?

Clothing, home decor, quilting, and bags. I used this machine pretty much every day.

What is your satisfaction level with this machine?

This machine was a Christmas gift. I had been making knitted bags and struggled putting the linings in; my mother thought I could use this for that purpose. It was bought very inexpensively at Target. But let me tell you--I love this machine. It was a great machine for a beginning sewer who might be intimidated with fancier machines. It's very basic and not-computerized so you can really get to know the machine well. It doesn't have a lot of features, but I never found myself wishing there were other stitch options, even as I became a more advanced sewer. It handled pretty much everything I asked it to--with the exception of some things that were pretty darn thick. Attachments were reasonably priced. The bobbin system is a class 15 front loading system--super easy to use. The instruction manual was very good and clearly written. I saw many complaints on this machine online but it was easy to tell from the reviews that it was more user error and not machine error (if you follow the instructions there's no problem--just like any machine). I needed more features as i became a better sewer which is the only reason I upgraded--this is a fabulous machine. I still use it for piecing my quilt blocks as it has a 1/4 inch foot already and is super easy to use. This machine is also not super-duper heavy, so it's good for hauling back and forth to sewing classes


  • Can handle pretty much anything--except very thick layers (it will protest a little bit). I kept her clean and oiled and never had a problem with her
  • This is a great machine for beginners or for someone who only needs to sew the basics. The price may be misleading, but I used this girl every day for 2 years and she never let me down.
  • I would definitely recommend this machine.

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