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Readers Respond: Everyday ways to use machine embroidery

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Share the ways you use machine embroidery to help others make the most of their home embroidery machine or decide that the purchase is worthwhile. How Do You Use Embroidery


hi,there please will you tell me how i go about machine embroidery to do borders on names possibly with a space thanks eileen
—Guest eileen shepherd


I enjoy taking pictures, digitizing them into embroidery designs, and sharing them with others after test-sewing.
—Guest Dru

Xmas gift tags

I haven't done this yet, but am planning to do some in the next few days. I thought about it when I was scrounging around looking for gift tags for last minute gifts. I've used cloth gift bags for years and thought how simple it would be to have tags embroidered in a pretty script with a decorative border. Several for each person. We don't generally put who the gift is from, so the tags could be used over year after year. I can't wait to try some!


Lately I have working on name pillowcases for my nieces and nephews. I appliqued their name in big letters than used flowers, butterflies for girls and sportsmen, cars etc for boys . I even used a appliqued soccer ball instead of the O in christopher. I had heaps of fun making them personal, such as changing collies to reflect favourite sports team etc Another project was an alphabet quilt for my new born nephew. It was a challenge trying to get a picture for every letter as my machines are so old I use discs.luckily his surname starts with x so I just did a family shield for that one! I've also done a stack of Christmas and every day tea towels with header. I tried to make each on reflect the person whose getting it. Next, I might do some Christmas decorations, like covering a styofoam ball
—Guest Marianne


I am avery new to machine embroidery my 1st project was to make 15 penant flags for our boat club I enjoyed doing them very satisfying to see them flying on all the boats next project jeans for me and my husband

things I do with my embroidery machine

I embroider towels for gifts, baby things, pillow cases, dog scarfs for the rescue group, t shirts for rescue group, and just about anything I can get my hands on to embroider.
—Guest roylehew@comcast.net

Uses for embroidery machine

I love to make free-standing lace ornaments! However, I also like making other small items, such as in-the-hoop coasters.

For Fashion Design Project

I am doing fashion designing and for my project I am doing machine embroidery
—Guest vandana

Uses of machine embroidery

I embroider motifs cut them out and applique them onto those fabrics which I find difficult to embroider otherwise, since I am not an expert. I spoiled a couple of garments by directly embroidering on them so I practice on good matching or contrasting fabric till they come right, and then applique them onto the dress.

My different use of embroidery

Hi, I have been making jewelry out of embroidery lately: necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It has been a lot of fun and I have received some nice compliments on them.
—Guest Donna

machine embroidery uses

I embroider pillowcases for shower gifts for the young teachers at school. I usually monogram them but sometimes use vintage style floral patterns.
—Guest pfaffshirl

what i embroidery

sweat shirt hoodies. for Christmas at least 20. grandkids and kids. i put last name on hood. out of the way. semi-visable, always get hoodie back. sometimes on front. ( BEEN TOLD NOT ON CHEST OVER HEART.)
—Guest carolyn spurlock

Ways to Use Machine Embroidery

My next machine embroidery adventure is going to be a yard flag with our last name and the street number on it. I may have to embroider it twice to have it readable from both directions but I can include designs that represent everyone in the house.

How Do You Use Embroidery

Everyday ways to use machine embroidery

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