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Free Online Spell Check

Free Sewing Patterns
Guide picks
Places on the internet which share free patterns.

Free Projects Index!
An index of net links to a huge variety of free sewing projects on the Internet.

Baby Burp Cloth
From Angel Baby Designs, a free on-line pattern and directions for a shaped burp cloth.

Bean Bag Chair From Janome On-line
Directions and a downloadable pattern!!!

Beanie Baby Birthday Hats
Bob and Elizabeth Gibson share full on line instructions to make your own party hats.

Behind The Seam - Free Pattern
A free pattern which will be changed regularly.

Broomstick Skirt
Full detail and instructions for making a broomstick skirt from Erica's Free Project Library.

Circular Tablecloth
From Angel Baby Designs, full directions to make a circular tablecloth.

Dammit Doll
I've seen a lot of curiosity about these dolls on the bulletin boards. Here you'll find simple directions and the poem to go with the doll.

Fabulous-Furs (TM) Headband
A printable pattern and directions for a perfect winter headband.

Free Cloth Doll Pattern
A free jointed doll and her clothes pattern with full instructions, all on line waiting for your printer.

Free Sewing Stuff
Many patterns and other postage only or free snail mail offers.

Freepattern2 - A Jointed Ballerina Bunny
An adorable bunny and free on line pattern.

Free Serger Club Project
Full on line directions for serged zippered Bags.

Grocery Bag Recycler
From Angel Baby Designs, an easy, economical way to organize your grocery bags.

Hair Twistie
From Angel Baby Designs, full directions to make the type of hair holder that contains wire.

How to Make a Cotton Half Slip
Complete directions and tips for making a cotton half slip.

Islamic Clothing - Free Patterns
Eight Free pattern directions (including a caftan) and a suggested Simplicity pattern number.

Oven Mitt
From Angel Baby Designs, full pattern and directions for a classic oven mitt.

Poly-Fill's Featured Craft Project
Great directions for tea dying and making an angel doll.

Polymer Cool Neck Bands
A well written set of directions for keep cool neck bands. Great to use for sewing lessons.

Reversible Baby Shopping Cart/Chair Harness
Full directions for making a great gift for any new Mom!

Small Friends
Free online pattern and directions for a stuffed bunny.

On line directions and pattern template for making a Sumou Wrestler Doll.

Tom's Slipper Pattern
Tom does a great job supplying you with a pattern and directions for making a boot style slipper.

The toy chinchilla sewing pattern
On line pattern and directions for making your own toy chinchilla.

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