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Let The Free Sewing Classes Begin

Note: To be kept informed of the sewing classes and the special help that is available, be sure to sign up for the lesson newsletter and recieve emails updates.

These free sewing classes will help you learn to sew by actually sewing and creating new fabric items, that will have you saying, "I made it myself" with pride.

Sewing Lesson 1 - Getting Prepared
Sewing Lesson 2 - Cutting And Sewing Begins
Sewing Lesson 3 - Corded Pillow
Sewing Lesson 4 -Seams And Seam Finishes
Sewing Lesson 5 - Using a Purchased Pattern (with the shopping list for the next lesson)
Sewing Lesson 6 - Lay Out And Cutting
Sewing Lesson 7 - Marking
Sewing Lesson 8 - Robe Upper Pocket
Sewing Lesson 9 - Lower Pocket
Sewing Lesson 10 - Shoulder Seams And Band Preparation
Sewing Lesson 11 - Attaching the Band
Sewing Lesson 12 - Sleeves, Side Seams, Belt Loops, Belt And Hems

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