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Let The Sewing Lessons Begin

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Lesson 1 - Getting Prepared
Sewing Lesson 2 - Cutting And Sewing Begins
Sewing Lesson 3 - Corded Pillow
Sewing Lesson 4 -Seams And Seam Finishes
Sewing Lesson 5 - Using a Purchased Pattern (with the shopping list for the next lesson)
Sewing Lesson 6 - Lay Out And Cutting
Sewing Lesson 7 - Marking
Sewing Lesson 8 - Robe Upper Pocket
Sewing Lesson 9 - Lower Pocket
Sewing Lesson 10 - Shoulder Seams And Band Preparation
Sewing Lesson 11 - Attaching the Band
Sewing Lesson 12 - Sleeves, Side Seams, Belt Loops, Belt And Hems
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