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Sewing Q&A
Terry Siemsen

Is it possible to stitch a perfect circle on a sewing machine? If so, how?
Fran W.,
Tucson, AZ

Yes, it's possible to stitch a circle using any sewing machine and it's very easy.
  • Determine the circle diameter to be stitched. The diameter is only limited by the size of the machine bed. If an extension table is added to enlarge the area, it may allow for an even larger circle.
  • Divide the diameter in half to get the radius. (For a 6" circle, the radius will be 3".) Measure the radius distance directly to the left of the needle and place a thumbtack, pointed side up, on the machine bed at this point. Place tape over the tack to secure in position (1).
  • Mark the project's center and place this mark over the tack, being careful not to break the fabric threads (2). Stitch, rotating the fabric around the tack pivot point.

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