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Sewing Q&A
Marla Stefanelli
March 2003 Sewing Q&A Index
From Our March 2003 Issue

Am I supposed to cut my projects with the fabric wrong sides or right sides together?
Karen E.,

Generally it doesn't make any difference which fabric sides are together when cutting garments. It's more important to pay attention to the cutting layout on the pattern guidesheet to be sure the pattern pieces are reversed as called for.
I like to cut my garments with the wrong sides together because I can mark both layers at the same time. After cutting, I stick a pin through all layers at the pattern marks. Then I separate the fabric layers just enough to mark them at the pin with a fabric marker (1).

When cutting napped fabrics, such as corduroy or velvet, it's easier to place right sides together. The naps adhere to each other and keep both layers more stable. If the fabric has a thick nap or is slippery, it's better to cut one layer at a time making sure to reverse the pattern for the required second piece. If you're using a fabric with a large print and the print is only visible on the right side, place the fabric so the wrong sides are together. You'll be able to see how the print will be positioned on the pattern piece.

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