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Zippered Travel Pouches

Dateline: 05/15/98
Zippered Travel Pouches

A simple sewing project for someone who has never done a zipper. Make a couple to keep tucked in your luggage.

Materials Needed




All Directions are for ½" seams.

For 2 pieces of fabric 11" by 11". Place zipper - right side of zipper - along the top edge. Using zipper foot, stitch near zipper teeth. If you are using a loosely woven fabric, zig zag or serge the fabric edge to prevent fabric from being caught in the zipper during use. Press seam allowance and zipper tape towards fabric. Top stitch along fabric edge to hold the zipper tape and fabric to the fabric and away from the zipper teeth.


Line the zipper up with the other side of the bag. Repeat the above step.


Open the zipper so that you will be able to turn it right side out when you are done. Place right sides of fabric together. Seam the remaining edges of the pouch. Use a seam finish to strengthen the bag. Double stitch the seams for extra durability.

Turn bag right side out. Press.



You can use part of a zipper you have on hand. Bar tack the end before you cut off the excess zipper.


Change the size of the bag and zipper for various uses.

Use a contrasting zipper for a designer touch.

Attach a ribbon to the zipper pull for ease in using the zipper.

Embroider a name or design on one side of the fabric before you assemble it.

Monogram an initial on one side of the fabric before assembly.

Make a large pouch using sports net fabric for dirty laundry when your traveling.


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