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Crib Dust Ruffle

Dateline: 06/26/98
Crib Dust Ruffle

Add storage space to your crib with a dust ruffle.

Materials Needed

  • 2 ¾ yds of 45" wide accent fabric
  • 1½ of muslin or platform fabric
  • Thread



Using the full 45" width of your accent fabric, cut 6 16" wide strips.

From muslin or a sheet cut a platform, 29" by 53". Make marks at ½ way point of each side.

Using 1/2" seams, join the strips of accent fabric. If you are using a print, be sure to keep the pattern all in one direction.

Hem one edge of the joined strips. (turn under ¼" and ¼" again, topstitch hem)

Use any of the gathering methods described in 02/17/98 - Ruffles And Gathers, to gather the raw edge of the accent fabric.

Gather two sections of the accent fabric to the long sides of the platform and 1 section for the shorter edges of the platform. Use your seams to match up your corners and half way marks on the platform.

Use ½" seams to join the platform and ruffle. Zig zag or serge the seam to enclose your raw edges.



If you have made your own quilt, purchase extra fabric for the dust ruffle.

If you are using a purchased quilt, try to pick up a solid color, to compliment the rest of the bedding.

Make your own curtains to compliment the dust ruffle.

Visit Quilting At About.com to learn more about making your own baby quilt.

You can find more on dust ruffles and home decorating in Home Decorating Net Links.

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