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Flower Petal Pillow
Debbie Colgrove

This project is best for intermediate to advanced sewers due to the bulk that pleated petals create.
Finished Flower petal Pillow

Pillows are a fast economical way to add flare to your home decorating. My daughter and her friends submitted their color choices when they saw this pillow.
Materials Needed
  • Print out of Petal Pattern Note: The petal pattern is shaped like a heart with the bottom point cut off. The pattern measures 4 1/4" across the bottom of the larges petal, 7" across at the widest point, 3" across the bottom of the med. petal, 1 5/8" across the bottom of the small petal. The sample shown in this article was made with a plain rounded petal by elliminating the heart crown at the top of the petal.
  • Sheets of Felt -- 7 sheets of large petal color, 5 sheets of medium petal color, 3 sheets of small petal color
  • Large scraps fabric for flower center
  • Stuffing

  • Cut one large petal from each sheet of large petal felt color
  • Cut two medium petals from each sheet of medium petal felt color
  • Cut four small petals from each sheet of small petal felt color.
  • Cut one 8" circle from the center fabric (pillow back)
  • Cut one 10" circle from the center fabric (pillow front)

    Assembly Directions
    All directions refer to a 1/2" seam allowance.
  • Pleat the center bottom of each petal with a one inch inverted pleat.
  • Baste the pleat.
  • Starting with the smallest petals, place them around the small fabric circle as shown in the picture. Over lap them as necessary to have them all fit around the circle.
    Attaching pleated petalsPicture
  • Repeat for the medium petals and then the large petals.
  • Sew gathering stitches around the larger circle of fabric.
  • Place the gathered circle of fabric, right side down on the petals, gather edge to fit the petal stitched edge of the smaller circle of fabric.
  • Sew the edge of the circles together, leaving a large enough area open to turn right side out.
  • Turn right side out and stuff the gathered fabric to semi-firm
  • Hand stitch the opening closed.

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