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Sew a Poncho

Debbie Colgrove
Dateline: 07/29/04

A poncho is a warm outter wear garment and simple to sew. Follow these simple instructions to create a poncho for every season and in every color so one is always available.

Materials needed:
Fold over trim (to enclose the neckline)

Note: With your arms out to your sides, measure from wrist to wrist across the shoulders. Cut a square that when measured from corner to corner will match this measurement plus 1" for hems.

  • With square folded, cut a 7" - 8" circle from the folded point of the square.
  • Make a 3 - 6" slit towards one point of the square from the circle edge.
  • Round off the corner from the circle to the slit. (I used a desert plate which is also a 7" circle.)
  • Enclose the neck opening and slit edges by covering them with bias tape of fold over trim, mitering the corners for a smooth finish.
  • Press.
  • Turn under the edges of the poncho 1/4" and 1.4" again to enclose the raw edges.
  • Stitch the hem in place.
  • Press
    Tips & Ideas
    • Increase the Fluted Toddler hat pattern by 10% or more to create a matching rain hat.
    • Make a larger circle for the neck opening and eliminate the slit.

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