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A Bunch Of Grapes Halloween Costume

Dateline: 09/13/98
Grapes Halloween Costume
Bunch of grapes

Most of this costume can be made while you watch TV. Many people have emailed me that this costume can also be made with purple balloons. The fabric version is great for school costumes and being used again.

Materials Needed

  • Purple Fabric - the amount will depend on the size of the person you are covering. A yard of 45" wide for a small child and many yard for an adult.
  • Stuffing - a few bags (again varies)
  • Green fabric for leaves
  • Large pipe cleaners
  • Round Templates (Various plates work well)
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Thread
  • A sweat suit (purchased or made)with a hood or knit cap.
smiling grapes


purple grapes

Depending on the size of the person you will be covering, choose a couple of circle sizes. Use a dessert plate and drinking glass as a template for the head piece grapes and small children. You will need to cut out many circles. Stack them and set them aside.
Use a running stitch (by hand or machine) around the edge of each circle. Pull the thread to gather and insert stuffing in each circle. You don't need to stuff them firmly, just enough to plump the grape. Tuck in the raw edges of the circle as you gather it closed. Tack the opening closed.
Repeat to make enough grapes to cover the person and their hat or hood.
Wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil or dowel to curl them. Bend one end over, like an "L" or "U" shape to have an area to attach to the costume under a grape. Fold the other end over on itself, to enclose any sharp wires. Be sure not to put them where they are apt to poke some one in the eye.
If you have stiff green fabric, you can just cut out one layer and make veins in it with a marker. You may want to cut two layers for each leave and a layer of batting, stitch right sides together, turn to close and "quilt" the veins on to the leaves. Similar to those described and explained in the Flower Costume we posted last year.
Hand tack or safety pin the grapes, leaves and curly pipe cleaners to the sweat suit.



Use various shades of purple and different size circles to create realistic grapes.
Shop in the bargain isle for costume fabric. Use an inexpensive lining fabric, if you can't find a great bargain.
Make sure you use reflective materials some where on a child for safety.

pumpkinEverything Halloween
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