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Tea Bag Halloween Costume

Dateline: 10/21/97
An economical Halloween costume made with interfacing and fall leaves.

Materials needed:

  • Interfacing (light weight, inexpensive but with a little bit of stiffness)
  • Fall leaves
  • Thread
  • Heavy cotton string
  • A piece of poster board or construction paper
  • Markers to color a tag

(NOTE: All seams refer to a 1/2" seam allowance)


Measure across the shoulders of the person who will be wearing the costume. This will be measurement A.

Measure from the neckline area to the crotch area. This will be Measurement B.

For a "flow through tea bag" You will need to make two tea pouches, one for the front and one for the back.

Double measurement B. Cut the interfacing (measurement A by two times measurement B).

Fold the interfacing in half so that Measurement A meets Measurement A. Stitch from the folded edge up both sides. Don't turn inside out. Stuff the pouch loosely with fall leaves. Stitch the top closed.

Repeat for both pouches.

Attach heavy string to the top of both bags for shoulder straps. Attach another piece of string from the back of a shoulder strap to come around and hang in the front.

Design a tea bag tag. Attach it to the end of the hanging string.

Creative Suggestions:

If your family is in to herbal teas, create their favorite tag and use colored leaves.

Use your favorite brand of tea to create your tea tag.

Make a Halloween Loot Bag with a tea cup design on it.

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