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Soft Sculpture Santa Ornament

Dateline: 12/23/97

Soft Sculpture Santa Ornament

Soft sculpture Mr & Mrs. Santa Ornament

Soft Sculpture Santa Ornament! Get a jump on next year!

Soft Sculpture Santa Ornament


Materials needed:

  • A piece of stocking ( approximately a 1 1/2 to 2" square)
  • Button and Carpet Thread
  • A small amount of fiber fill
  • (2) 6mm black beads
  • White Curly Chennile
  • Red felt scraps
  • White felt scraps
  • Hot Glue
  • Small white Pom Pom
  • A long hand sewing needle
  • Small plastic holly leaves


Thread your needle leaving a 3" tail, after the knot.

Make a running stitch around the edge of the piece of stocking. Rounding off the corners.

While holding our thumb in the center of the stocking, tug on the thread to form a pouch. Stuff the pouch with fiber fill. Fill until firm. Tug threads to close the ball and tie using tail from the other end.

Form another tail after the knot on your thread. Insert needle in to the ball where you tied it off. Bring needle to the position of the first eye. Put bead on the needle. Pull thread and move the needle over 1/8" from where you came out. Insert needle back into "face" and out the back of the head. Bring needle to the position of the second eye. and repeat as you did the first eye. Tie off the thread. Knot well.

You will now form the nose, using the diagram. Stitch from A to B, pulling fiber fill up with the point of the needle to form the bridge of the nose. Pull needle out of the back and Pull threads tight. Bring needle from the back out point A and back into face, down to point D. Bring needle back in right next to where you came out and out again at point B. Pull tight, to form one nostril. Repeat going from point B to point C and out at point A. Pull thread tight, insert needle at point A through to the back and tie off well knotted. Leaving a long tail, insert needle from the back out at point E. Keeping the thread on the face of the ornament, insert needle at point A and out the back of the ornament. Use the tip of the needle to arrange the fiber fill to form a nose, and pull the tread tight. Tie off. Repeat going from Point D to point B to form the other side of the nose. Use the tip of the needle to "sculpt the fiber fill into place. .

Nose Diagram

Remove the fiber from a section of the curly Chanille. Use it to form a mustache. Using a small dot of hot glue, anchor in place under the center of the nostrils.

Use the curly Chanille to form a beard. Glue in to place.

To form Santa's hat, measure around the area of the head, from the center of his forehead around the back (to meet the beard) and back around to the center of the forehead. Add 1/2". Use a salad or desert plate as a template for a circular edge. Measure 6" up from the center of the circular edge. Make a line down to both ends of the circular edge.

Hat Diagram

Cut a piece of white felt using the edge of your hat as a template by 1/2" wide. Glue the white felt on to the edge of the hat. Glue the edge of the hat in place on Santa's head and glue the back seam of the hat. Bend the point of the hat down to the side of the hat, glue in place and glue the pom pom over the point of the hat. Glue a couple of Holly leaves on the other side of the hat.

Re thread your needle, leaving a long tail as you did earlier. Insert the needle inside the area of the hat where it is folded over. Make a loop of thread and stitch back into the hat. Knot off well. This gives you a thread to hang the ornament. I use a pencil to hold the loop while I knot it off.

Tips for Your Santa Ornament

Use very strong thread and pull tightly.

Support hose are great to work with for soft sculpture. If you know any one who wears them, ask them to save their run ones.

A button nose can be made using a small pink pom pom before you stuff the ball. Bring the needle in from the back, make a round running stitch around the pom pom. Pull the pom pom into the center circle of stitches with the tip of the needle. Pull the needle out the back and tug the thread as you work the pom pom into place. Tie off well.

Always knot the thread a couple of times before you cut it off your work.

Be creative and use the basic face to create other Christmas Ornaments.

Soft sculpture Mr & Mrs. Santa Ornament
Mrs. Santa Clause Ornament
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