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Bed Linens Decorate the Bathroom
Debbie Colgrove

Have you ever had a set of bedding that you just couldn't part with? I had a set my grandmother had given me many years ago.

The bedding set had all the accessories, but the lace trim on the comforter had become tattered and was now used as an extra camping blanket. But I held on to the set, using valuable closet space to hold on to the memories.

We had painted everything in the bathroom white, due to not being able to decide on a color. So I was left with a blank canvas and every option under the sun for curtains.

Then for my birthday, my daughter gave me a beautiful porcelain bathroom set that immediately brought the roses on the sheets to my mind.

With a little ingenuity, I made what was left of the bedding work to decorate my bathroom.
bathroom curtain
The pillow case had a ruffle and was trimmed with lace. By removing the seams, it became a window treatment. Simple craft ribbon became tie backs.

Decorative Shower curtain made from sheets A top sheet, by rearranging hems and creating casings, then adding the dust ruffle to the top casing became a decorative shower curtain. Scraps became tie-backs for the shower curtain.

Fabric comes in many forms! Always look for unexpected sources to achieve anything you can imagine!

Read more about economical fabric sources.
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