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Hide a Faded Wear Line in Clothing When You Let the Hem Down

How to Add Life to a Worn Garment


A hem is a finished edge to a garment. Kids grow and their clothing becomes to short unless you let down the original hem. Clothing shrinks and it may still fit but it may be too short. Many times when you take down the hem, you will discover a faded wear line where the original hem was folded up. Here are some solutions to hide that wear line and extend the life of that garment.

1. Pressing and Ironing

The very first step to extending the life of a garment is ironing and pressing any thing you take apart. Especially hem lines that you are trying to remove. Using steam and sprays made for increasing your ironing possibilities, such as spray starch, will help you determine just how set in or worn the original hem line is.

2. Dressing Up Denim with Embellishment and Trims

Convert Jeans in to a Denim Skirt
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Worn denim can be a fashion statement but it's a different story when you that wear is an alteration line. But there are trims that can totally change the life of denim. A thin line may even beable to be hided by a line of stitching with specialty thread for jeans. (Read more about experience with Coats Dual Duty Plus - Extra Strong For Jeans thread)

3. Use Trims and Special Machine Stitches

Trims are one way to cover wear lines on a garment. Ric Rac is a favorite for dressing up baby and little girl clothing. Ric Rac is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Be sure to explore this option on children's clothing. When you are letting a hem down, many times, the new stitching line for the hem will line up with the original pressed line. Once you have the new hem in place, you can make the garment take on a whole new life by using the fancy stitches that are built into your sewing machine. Consider adding ribbon or trim under the stitching for yet another look. Just remember to preshrink the trim before you sew it in place.

4. Wright's Hem Tape and Hem Lace

Hem Tape and Wright's Flexi-Lace Facing are sewing notions that are available where Wright's Packed goods are sold. Hem tape helps eliminates a strong line of hem fabric from the back of a garment and can also be used to give you enough fabric to let down an original hem when "more fabric" is needed.

5. Wright's Hem Facing

Packaged Wright's Hem Facing is a great option when the original hem does not have enough fabric to let down the hem. Hem facing is Wrights Hem Facing 1-7/8''wide, packaged in 2-1/2yd lengths and is available in many colors

6. Not Enough Garment Fabric to Lengthen the Hem - Homemade Hem Facing Options

Many garments have a minimal hem to begin with, making it impossible to let down the original hem for lengthening the garment. There is a solution.

7. Add a Ruffle

add a ruffle
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When a girls pair of shorts or a skirt aren't long enough, you can lengthen them by adding a ruffle. Choose a complimentary or use the same fabric as a matching shirt to have a new outfit.

8. Sewing Hems

How to Mark an Even Pants Hem
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Where to start and how to sew a hem are described in the information linked on this page. Learn how to hem a pair of pants and more.

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