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How to Applique With a Coloring Book Picture


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How to Make an Applique With a Coloring Book Picture
Use a coloring book picture to make an applique

Everything You Need to Make an Applique From a Coloring Book Picture

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
When my children were little, I made them sweat shirts and tee shirts for every occasion. The box stores carry all kinds of novelty tee shirts for the occasions but many of those have designs that can be interrupted as off color in one way or another... and many of those bargain shirts aren't going to make it past one time in the washing machine. The free coloring book pages on the internet are a great resource to make your own appliques that convey the season and bring smiles... not raised eyebrows.

When you are looking for coloring book pages that are appropriate to make an applique, look for simple pictures. The coloring books that are made for preschoolers are simple and easy to applique. Follow these links for great free online coloring book resources and information.

Materials Needs to Applique
  • A Coloring book page - The example being used in this article is from Santa Claus Face Coloring Page
  • Fabrics for each part of the design - pre-washed and pressed to be wrinkle free - experiment with different textures to make the applique what you want it to be. Be sure that your fabric choices will not allow the base color to show through the design. For example, a light weight unbleached muslin is a good choice for the face color in this design but the base color if the shirt I will be applying the design too would show through the muslin, so I needed a heavier fabric than light weight unbleached muslin.
  • Fusible web - For this procedure, I prefer a paper backed fusible web such as HeatnBond Fusible Web - - What is it and how to use it
  • A pencil or marking tool to transfer the design on to the fusible web paper backing.
  • An item to applique on to - a tee shirt, sweat shirt, etc - pre-washed and pressed to be wrinkle free
  • An iron - Irons for Sewing
  • A sewing machine with zigzag stitch capabilities. An applique foot if it is available. An applique foot gives you better visibility than a regular foot and is easier to turn than an all purpose foot.
  • Thread - this is your call. You can use all black or slate gray to reproduce the coloring book lines or you can match the fabric colors. Sewing Thread Information and Sources
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