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Sew a See Through, Breathable, Screen Beach Bag


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Strap Placement
Strap Placement

Strap Placement

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
  • Fold the webbing/strap in half. Use a straight pin to mark the fold.
  • Fold the 36" length of the screen in half.
  • Finger press the fold in place.
  • Measure 6" in from the edge at the fold.
  • Place the end of the webbing/strap on the fold and the edge of the strap toward the body of the screen, lining up the edge of the webbing/strap with the 6" measurement.
  • Keeping the webbing strap straight (not twisted) match the fold of the strap with the screen fold, lining up the strap as you did the end of the strap.
  • Measure in 6" along the edge on 36" edges of the screen and pin the strap in place as you work the entire edge.
  • At the 24" edges stop 2" from the edge of the screen and pin the strap in place. (Double pinning or pinning from both directions will remind you to stop and pivot your sewing at this mark.)
  • Bring the last end of the strap around to match the first end and butt the ends of the strap to each other.
  • Align the edges as you did the rest of the strap.
  • Sew both edges of the strap and the top ends of the strap. Sew as close to the edges of the strap as possible. (Guide to Understanding Sewing Machine Needle Position)
  • Zigzag stitch across the butted ends of the strap.
  • Place any optional embroidery or applique patches, remembering that there is a 2" hem at the top of the bag.
Note: I used a Universal point size 11 sewing machine needle and only experienced a problem if I used inferior thread. I even tried built in dense embroidery stitches and did not have any problem with the screen or the stitching. Everything You Need to Know About Sewing Machine Needles

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