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Sewing Basics

Starting something new can seem very inundating, but it doesn't have to if you find a way to be guided through every step of learning. This is the place to be guided through learning how to sew, starting with all the basic information you need.
  1. Sewing Glossary (30)

How to Sew Basics
When you need to know how to sew something, the answers can seem complicated. Take a deep breath and follow simple step by step instructions to learn how to sew almost anything, whether it's mending a garment, making a garment form scratch, repairing household items, making simple repairs, operating a sewing machine for the first time and more... this is the place to start exploring what seems like the mysterious world of sewing.

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine
You just got a new sewing machine (even if it is just new to you) and you are looking for information about the steps you should take to get the most out of your sewing machine and not break it before you start. Smart to research and this page will take you to all the information you need to be confidently sewing with that sewing machine in no time.

Sewing Machine Stitches - Straight and Zigzag Stitch Adjustments and Uses
Learn about the most commonly used sewing machine stitches and the adjustments you can make to those stitches to accomplish almost anything with your sewing machine.

Put Together a Simple Sewing Kit for On the Run Mending and Clothing Repairs
If your going away for a weekend or a vacation or setting up a new home, odds are you are going to need a basic sewing kit to make repairs and mend clothing. This list will show you some basics that are must have items.

How to Back Stitch and Lockstitch With Your Sewing Machine
Sewing a seam is a repeated sewing process in almost everything you will sew. This article will help you learn how to secure the end of your seams to have secure reliable seams in everything you sew.

Sewing Straight Lines Tips and Tricks
Sewing a straight line is not as difficult as it may seem when you are using a sewing machine.A couple of simple tricks will having you sew perfectly straight seams and lines. You'll wonder why it ever seemed like a problem to sew straight stitching.

Sewing Videos to Learn How to Sew
Watching these sewing videos is a wonderful way to watch the entire process with someone else doing the task so you can see every step and how the movements happen. Now you can watch free sewing tutorial videos online to learn sewing techniques and follow a project from start to finish. You have a lot of choices with this list of 26 free sewing...

Keeping All Layers of Fabric Even and Smooth While Sewing Them Together
You're sewing two different fabrics together and one wants to end up with tucks and pleats while the other lays smoothly. Learn tips and tricks to solve these problems.

All About Hand Sewing
Hand sewing can be easier than pulling out a sewing machine and can give you the results you want when you are done. This page will guide you to all the information you need to hand sew stitches you will be proud of.

How to Add Stiffness and Body to Fabric for Your Sewing Needs and Desires
Knowing how to use sewing notions and what the products are called helps you be an informed shopper and produce sewn items you can be proud of. Sewing know how is easy to learn when a wealth of information is at your finger tips. This sewing how to information will teach you about the ways to add stiffness and shape to clothing and costumes.

How to Pin a Seam
Take the time to pin a seam before you sew. Pinning a seam takes care of holding the fabric together, leaving you free to concentrate on controlling the sewing machine. When a seam is pinned properly you prevent damage to your sewing machine.

Sew Seams
Seams are a basic sewing technique that are called for in almost everything you sew. Learning everything you can about a seam can assure perfect results. Find that information here.

Everything You Need to Know About Rotary Cutters, Rotary Rulers and Mats
Many of the free sewing patterns on the Internet, refer to rotary cutting tools, to create your pattern pieces. This eliminates the problems that printable options can cause especially when you are using large pattern pieces. Learn and know about these tools before you buy so you invest the best way possible.

Thread A Needle
Threading a sewing needle can be an exasperating task. Here are a few suggestions to make the job easier.

Needle Threading Tips
Failing eyesight, shaking hands and other problems lead to difficulty threading sewing needles. Here you'll find tips and tools to make threading a sewing needle easy so you're ready to have fun sewing.

Learn How to Sew
Does learning how to sew seem intimidating? It doesn't have to be! Find the information that you need! You'll find everything you need to begin sewing and avoid being overwhelmed on this page! Learn where to start and what's important with free patterns and information.

Fabric Grain - Lengthwise, Crosswise and Bias Grain of Fabric
Almost any pattern you read will tell you to follow the lengthwise, crosswise or bias grain of fabric. These terms may seem imaginary and illusive until you understand what these terms mean and understand their importance with the information you'll find here.

How to Baste
Baste is a commonly used sewing term and basting can save you time as well as test fitting before you actually sew. Learn how basting is done here.

How to Teach Adults and Children to Sew
Teaching adults and children to sew is fun. Once you have confidence in what you are doing and how you are approaching the task, the fun begins. Read the tips, and tricks and print out the pages to sew... yes pages of paper to sew.

Choose a Seam Finish
What a waste to sew something and have it fall apart the first time you wash it. Seam finishes preserve a sewing item and add strength to the seam. Find your seam finish options here.

Thinking About Safety When Sewing or Teaching Someone to Sew
Many, Many sewing tools are sharp and can cause injuries. Learn how to stay safe, avoid trips to the emergency room and prevent permanent deformities by putting safety first!

Ironing Board Solutions for Limited Space
Most sewing rooms have limited space and an ironing board takes up more space than is available. Learn about options to prevent dangerous tripping over the ironing board and maintain the availability to press and iron as you sew.

Gifts for Someone Who Sews
Finding the perfect gift for someone who sews when you don't know anything about sewing can be challenging. This list will take you to ideas in all price ranges.

Viewer Experiences with Haan Crafts
Have you purchased and sewn a sewing kit from Haan Crafts? You'll find viewer experiences with Haan Crafts Corporation here.

Everything You Need to Understand Fabric Grain and Grainlines
Fabric grainline is a commonly used term. Here you'll find everything you need to understand what fabric grainline is, how to recognize fabric that is not on straight grain, and how you can straighten fabric grain line.

Organization and Tools for a Sewing Room
Do you have a dedicated sewing area? A sewing room can turn in to an unmanageable mess with the blink of an eye. See how mine got organized and my favorite tools for the sewing room here.

A Tribute to My Sewing Teachers
I hadn't seen one of my 4H leasrs in over 30 years. I had thought of her many times but seeing her again stirred up all kinds of memories. Read about them here.

Hand Sew a Chain Stitch
A chain stitch is a simple hand sewn stitch when you know how to sew a chain stitch. Learn how here.

Sewing Darts
A dart is a basic component of many sewn garments and usually taken for granted until you start to sew a dart. Learn what makes up a dart and how to sew a dart here.

How to Hand Sew a Blanket Stitch or Buttonhole Stitch
Call it what you like but learning how to sew a blanket stitch or buttonhole stitch is what is important. Learn how to sew these hand stitches here.

Gifts for Someone Who Sews
Finding the perfect gift for someone who sews when you don't know anything about sewing can be challenging. This list will take you to ideas in all price ranges.

Bias Tape Q&A
Bias tape may be purchased or you may make it your self to match your garment. Find details about bias tape here.

Sewing Alterations, Design and Accuracy
Help to understand sizing and variations when you are sewing your own clothes.

Sewing Tools
When you aren't sure what a tool looks like, it can be difficult to shop for. See photos of sewing tools and learn what they are used for, how to care for them, when to use them, the available options and more.

Hem Pants
Information on how to adjust, take up, or let down the hem in a pair of pants can be found here. With information to obtain professional results.

How to Press a Seam Open
Pressing is the answer to avoiding a homemade looking sewn project. Learn how to properly press open a seam to achieve professional appearing results when you sew.

Sew on a Shank Button
Simple to follow text directions to learn how to sew on a shank button.

Sew on a Flat Button
Simple to follow text directions to learn how to sew on a flat button.

How to Sew a Seam
Seams are the mainstay of almost all sewing. Sewing great seams includes straight stitching and sewing curves. Learn how to sew a seam here.

Free Simple to Learn to Teach Sewing Patterns and Projects
Hands on learning is the best way to learn how to sew. When you are teaching someone to sew, the skills they need to start are the basics. Learning the basics while sewing a project that will be cherished for years to come, make teaching someone to sew a rewarding experience that the student will remember forever. Remember to keep it fun with speeding tickets for the kids who want to make that s…

Press and Sew
Do you know the difference between irong and pressing as you sew? Find the key information you need to avoid a homemade look and have professional, eye catching results.

Save Money by Sewing
A few simple tricks to help you save hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars by sewing.

Stop End of Seam Thread Jams
As you near the end of a seam the machine seems to eat the fabric or you obtain a knotted ball of thread. There are ways to eliminate the problem!

Sticky Notes as Seam Guides
An unusual use for sticky back notes, but not all sewing tools are found in the sewing room.

Sewing 101 - Resources For Learning
Any new endevour can seem overwhelming! Here's the place to start learning everything you need to know to sew up a storm!

Sewing Glossary And Definitions Net Links
Links to all kinds to sewing definitions, fabric terminology and more.

Is There a Difference In Threads? You Be The Judge!

Keep Your Cool! - Polymer crystal filled neck scarf - Sew News Library
You can feel cool and look great wearing an attractive neck scarf filled with hidden water-soaked polymer crystals. The scarf is an easy, fast project made from readily available materials. Whip up several for guests at your next barbeque, or join a charity project and sew some for U.S. troops. Free directions here!

The Basics - choosing a pattern - Page 1 - Sew News Library
This month explore things you may never have known about choosing a pattern. Links to pattern companies are included.

Home Dec - Leaf Printing - Sew News Library
Printing with leaves creates incredible nature paintings. Free directions for a table runner and napkins can be found here. Find out more here

The Basics - Marking - Page 1 - Sew News Library
Marking the pieces for your sewing project is an important--and actually timesaving --part of ensuring a successful project. Find a wealth of information here!

Quick Gift - Party Time - Apron & BBQ Mitt-- Sew News Library
Need a gift in less than an hour? This colorful, one-size-fits-most apron with matching oven mitt is the answer.

Fast Fleece Pillow
Looking for a great project for a beginning sewer? This whimsical pillow is fun and easy to make. And because it's made of fleece (a great way to use your leftovers!), it requires no edge finishing. Simply cut the pieces with a decorative rotary cutter blade, sew them together and embellish with some favorite buttons.

Using a Needle Threader
They come with some sewing needles and can be purchased in almost all sewing notion sections but many people set them aside rather then figure out how to use them. Here you'll find step by step instructions to using a needle threader. You'll never want to thread a needle without one again!

Directions for Making Flat Felled Seams- Sewing
You see them on jeans and they are one of the stongest seam options. Here you will find complete directions for learning how to make flat felled seams.

Patternless Robe
Find full directions for an any size "Summertime Terry Cloth Robe" here.

Clothing Publication Listing
An excellent resouces list for anyone just learning to sew and a wonderful refreasher course for even the most seasoned sewing vetran.

The Vintage Pattern Lending Library - Your Costume Resource Site
The Vintage Pattern Lending Library preserves, archives, and replicates historic fashion patterns from 1840 through 1950, vintage sewing publications, and fashion prints of the past.

Sew Young Sew Fun
A site for teens and beginner sewers to ask questions and read tips that are commonly asked.

National 4-H Council
More 4-H information to get your child or yourself involved in 4-H.

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