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Sewing Tools


It can be difficult to shop for a tool when you are not even sure what it looks like. You may not even be aware of some tools that will make a sewing technique easier or give you better finished results. Follow the gallery to see sewing tools. Click the image of any tool for in-depth information about the tool.
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Create A Sewing KitCreate A Sewing KitA variety of sewing tape measures and information about tape measures.Sewing Tape MeasuresRulers and gauges for sewing and information about them.Sewing GaugesA variety of the pincushions that are available and information about pincushions.Pincushions and Magnetic Pin Holders
Assortment of hand sewing needles and information about hand sewing needles.Hand Sewing NeedlesInformation about a helpful tool to thread the eye of a sewing needle.Sewing Needle ThreaderPhoto of sewing seam rippers and information about sewm rippers.Sewing Seam RippersBent-handle Dressmaker Shears and information about bent-handle dressmaker shears.Bent-handle Dressmaker Shears
A photo of pressing tools used while sewing and information about the tools.Pressing Tools for Professional Sewing ResultsAn assortment of various pinking shears can be found and information about pinking shears.Pinking ShearsAn assortment of sewing bodkins and information about them.BodkinA photo of an assortment of sewing machine manuals and information to find one for your machine.Sewing Machine Manuals
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