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How to Baste


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Why baste
A photo of machine and hand basting

Machine & Hand Basting

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Basting is long easily removable stitches, sewn by machine or by hand. Basting stitches are sewn to temporarily sew fabric together. There are many reasons that taking the time to baste is beneficial to saving time in the long run.

Reasons for basting:

  • Sewing basting stitches on seams allow you to test the fitting (side seams) or placement (darts) before sewing regular stitches that might be hard to remove.
  • Basting can hold slippery fabric together while sewing regular stitches. Basting first allows the basting stitches to be easily removed if the fabric does slip out of place.
  • Basting is used to create temporary stitching such as the process of sewing in a zipper.
  • Basting allows two layers of fabric to be held together and used worked as one layer of fabric. The basting stitches are easily removed to eliminate extra bulk.
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