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Sewing Instructions, Lessons and Definitions


It may be your first time sewing, or you may be returning to sewing after many years. Either way this page will guide you to the many resources available to learn to sew and sewing techniques. Try your hand at sewing or teach someone else to sew using these free, easy to advanced sewing projects.
  1. Sewing Terms
  2. Basic Sewing Techniques
  3. Sewing Machine Techniques
  4. Beginner Projects & Patterns

Sewing Terms

A close up of a woven and a knit fabric.

Sewing terms can seem like another language when you"re learning to sew. Find simple to understand definitions for sewing terms and links to more information and how-to instructions in the sewing term glossary.

Basic Sewing Techniques

Working from the back and front of the shoe will not allow a straight hem.

How to and step by step directions to preform sewing techniques

Sewing Machine Techniques

Sew a Seam

The best guide to your sewing machine is the manual for YOUR sewing machine. Not all manuals have in depth information or explain your options. Learning about sewing machine techniques will increase your sewing abilities.

Beginner Projects & Patterns

Finished Scrunchie

Learning by doing is one of the best methods to learn to sew. Dive into projects that require minimal skills and learn as you go.

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