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Fabric Yo-Yo Inspiration

Fabric Embellishment


Fabric yo-yos have been around forever and are back in the limelight! A fabric yo-yo uses up scraps of fabric and is a great way to learn simple hand sewing. The best part... there are tools to make sewing yo-yos easy and have precision yo-yos every time. Learn every thing about yo-yos here.
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Fabric Yo-Yo Doily Made from Basic Yo-YosBasic Fabric Yo-YoFlower Shaped Fabric Yo-Yo tool and detailsThe Clover Flower Shaped "Quick" Yo-Yo MakerClover Heart Shaped "Quick" Yo-Yo MakerThe Clover Heart Shaped "Quick" Yo-Yo MakerFlower and Leaf Yo-Yo Embellished Tee ShirtFlower and Leaf Yo-Yo Embellished Tee Shirt
Basic Round Yo-Yo ToolsThe Clover Round Basic "Quick" Yo-Yo MakerFree Yo-Yo Clown Pattern and DirectionsYo-Yo Toy Clown ProjectAn Everyday Tee Shirt Embellished with Yo-YosYo-Yo tee Shirt With Hand Sewn Blanket Stitch and Chain StitchYo-Yo Wreath OrnamentYo-Yo Wreath Ornament
Yo-Yo Snowflake OrnamentYo-Yo Snowflake Ornament or Decoration
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