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Free Patterns and Projects to Sew Gifts for the Guys


Don't leave out the guys! Sew the guys on your list a gift they will remember. Choose a fabric that has their favorite thing and it gets extra special.
There is nothing as nice as watching a man glow while he brags about a gift that was sewn for him... or watch him squirm when he's offered a small fortune for something he would never part with but the other guy could never buy it anywhere and had to try. You can make these scenarios come true for the guys on your gift list by using these free patterns to sew the guy in your life a gift.
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Free Pattern to Sew a Nail PouchFree Pattern and Directions to Sew a Personalized Nail ApronFinished Men's BillfoldSew a Men's WalletSew a Football Throw PillowSew a Football Pillow for the Guy on Your Gift ListSew A BBQ Apron and Chef Hat Free Patterns for a Chef Hat and BBQ Apron
Free directions to sew a set of fuzzy dice.Free Directions to Sew Fuzzy DiceWindshield Visor CD HolderSew A Windshield Visor CD HolderFree pattern to sew a basketball pillowFree Pattern and Directions to Sew a Basketball PillowFree pattern and directions to sew a duffel bag.Sew a Useful Duffel Bag
Cell Phone CaseFree Pattern & Directions to Sew a Durable Fabric Binder Cover with a Flap ClosureSew a Durable Fabric Binder CoverFree Directions to Sew a Book Cover with a Zipper and HandlesA photo of a fabric checkbook cover opened and closed... without the checkbook register.Fabric Checkbook Cover
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