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Free Pattern to Sew a Small Pet Bed - A perfect cat or small dog pet bed


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Materials and Cutting Instructions
Skittles enjoying her new pet bed

Pet Bed Made Using The Free Pet Bed Pattern

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
I love my cat but I don't enjoy having to find a lint brush every time I've sat down on my furniture. To my amazement, Skittles took immediately to her personal bed and it has drastically reduced my lint brush needs.
The size shown here will also accommodate a small dog. Variations on this pattern to make a large pet bed for a medium to large dog can be found here.
Materials Cutting Directions
  • Cut one of each pattern piece from the fabric of your choice.
  • Cut one of the smaller base piece from heavy interfacing. The type used for fabric bowls worked wonderfully. (As of 01/09/06, Long Creek Mills still has an interfacing for fabric bowls and boxes for $1/yard, that works as well as the brand name. You have to call them to place an order. I have been very happy with the items I have received.)
  • Cut four strips - 10" by the width of the fabric
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