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Sew a Fast & Easy Cool Neck Scarf


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Gather Materials
A photo of a finished wet and a finished dry cool neck scarf made with these free directions.

Finished Wet & Dry Cool Scarf

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Our locality has a huge event for Flag Day. Many school organizations participate by marching in the parade. It's also usually a very warm day and the heat can be dangerous. I have made hundreds of these scarves to keep the youngsters (and chaperons) cool while they march. A serger makes them the fastest but a zigzag stitch on the edges will work. If the hottest day of the year lands on your planned event, make a pile to have on hand for your guests.


  • 4" strip of 45" wide fabric
  • Quality Thread
  • Watering Crystals (These directions are using Schultz Moisture Plus Watering Crystals which are no longer listed on the company website. See below for other suggested sources. Some home and garden centers may still carry some form of crystals in the gardening section.)
Other Sources for Medium Water Retaining Crystals;
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