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Sew a Dog Bone Dog Toy with this Free Sewing Pattern


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Cutting Out a Dog Bone Toy

Cutting Out a Dog Bone Toy

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
The dog bone shown in the photos was created for my daughter's Chihuahuas. A large dog would probably tear a similar fabric bone to shreds. If you are sewing a dog bone for a destructive dog, I suggest a second layer of fabric, on the inside, made from a well shrunk muslin so the fibers are tightly woven.
  • Print out of pattern - two sizes are included in the printout. For a larger bone use a copy machine to enlarge the pattern to desired size.
  • fabric (and possibly well shrunk muslin) - enough for the pattern of your choice.
  • thread
  • stuffing
  • Optional: A small container with dried peas or beans in it to make a rattle noise. The container needs to be small enough that it will be well padded with stuffing on all sides. A small Tick-Tac candy container works well in the large bone.
  • Using two layers of fabric, use the fabric grain line on the pattern to lay the pattern an even distance from the selvedge of the fabric or on the straight grain of a scrap of fabric. (Learn more about laying out pattern pieces)
  • Cut out the pattern
  • Make a small mark at the edge of the cut out pieces to mark the area to be left open or use the tip described in the next step.
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