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Use Your Fabric Scraps to Make Your Own Fabric Jewelry

Free Directions and Information to Create Your Own Fabric Jewelry


The summer 2010 American Sewing Guild Magazine, Notions carried an intriguing article about making fabric Jewelry by Heidi Pridemore. The projects use such small scraps of fabric that I had to find out more. The links listed here will spur your imagination and have you saving every single scrap of fabric... just in case you weren't already.

1. Directions to Use Fabric Scraps to Make Fabric Bead - - Fabric Bead Earrings

Fabric Bead Earrings
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

These fabric slice earrings are made with your smallest fabric scraps and make multiple pairs at a time. Combine colors and have a pair to match very outfit you own, as well as gift for any occasion.

2. About.com Jewelry Making - Fiber and Mixed Media Jewelry Making

About.com Jewelry making guide, Tammy Powley, has a wealth of information on using various fibers to create jewelry. You'll use up ribbon and more in no time flat with her information.

3. How to Make Fabric-bound Beads

I love this necklace and the ideas it spurs! You'll be using up fabric ... and who would have thought, you could turn fabric in to metal... amazing!

4. How to Make Stiffened Fabric Jewelry

This great, simple necklace, will not only use those small fabric scraps, you can raid your button collection to finish it off... I'm picturing a round bead on to of the buttons... maybe!

5. Fabric Ball Necklace - How to Make a Fabric Ball Necklace

This neat necklace is a great way to use up scraps of fabric AND those metalic or fancy threads.  This is a great way to make a colorful necklace with endless possibilities.

7. Tshirt Necklace - recycling tshirts on an original necklace

We all have tee shirts that we don't want to part with... this tutorial will put those tee shirts to a good use... and you'll be wearing them in a whole new way!

8. Pretty Ditty -- Beaded Fabric Flower Tutorial

I love the simplicity of these easy to follow directions. This necklace can be a single color and have a splash of color to coordinate with a specific outfit or dress up a multitude of outfits.

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