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Free Projects to Sew for the Troops


Gather your group or organization and use your sewing skills to sew these projects for the troops and veterans. Most of the items needed do not require advanced sewing skills so even someone who has never sewn can jump in to help and learn basic sewing skills at the same time. The projects listed here are from Soldier's Angels, who can help you make exactly what the troops need and make sure the items get to the soldiers.

1. Keep Cool Neck Scarves

Follow these directions to meet the needs of the troops and help them bare the dessert heat. Use dessert camo colors to allow them more camouflage.

2. Where to Donate--Soldier's Angels

All the information you need to donate money or needed items can be found here

3. Make a Sand Scarf

Thanks to a viewer I learned of this project. Sand scarves are in high demand to keep the sand out of soldiers eyes, nose and mouths. Sand scarves are a great project for a group with minimal sewing skills to tackle and learn how great it feels to give.

4. Blankets of Hope

This project reinforces that a wounded soldier is not forgotten and does not require any advanced sewing skills.

5. Blankets of Belief

A holiday driven [project but needed all year. Follow the links to learn simple to sew and no-sew blanket projects.

6. Operation Holiday Stocking

Imagine what it is like to not be able to be with your family and friends for the holiday... because you are protecting your family far from home. You can help make the holidays a little bit better by sewing stockings that will be distributed to the troops that are protecting your rights and freedoms.

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