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Don't let fear stop you from diving in to a sewing project! Start simple with beginner sewing projects and work your way up to intermediate and advanced projects. The hundreds of free sewing patterns available on this site are bound to offer everyone something they can sew for themselves or as a gift.
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  3. Holiday Patterns and Projects
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Beginner Projects

A Simple Potholder

These projects are geared to an individual who has little to no sewing experience. They require basic straight sewing, very few curves and very little in sewing equipment.

Intermediate Projects

A Finished Drawstring Backpack

These projects are geared to the individual who has some very basic sewing skills and has a very basic understanding of sewing terms. They may be challenging to someone with no sewing experience.

Advanced Projects

Embellished Pillow

These projects are for the individual who has a good grasp on sewing, experience with patterns and sewing terms. They have a good supply of equipment and a basic understanding of how to use their equipment.

General Interest Articles

Set a Seam Guide

These articles are of general interest for any level of experience. You'll find a wealth of information, inspiration and projects here.

Home Dec Patterns and Projects

Sew Simple Curtains

Sewing allows you to change your surroundings without breaking the bank. It also allows you to have what you want, in the colors and textures that you want, not just what is available at the store.

Kitchen Sewing Patterns

Sew A BBQ Apron

New cabinets are going to run a fortune... save your money and spruce up the kitchen with some sewing! These projects are great inexpensive ways to add color, charm and fun.. even when the kitchen is outside at the barbecue!

Costumes for Halloween and Stage

Sew a costume clown hat with free patterna nd directions

Costumes are fun to sew and are only limited by your creativity. Visit these pages to spur your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

Adult Clothing Patterns

Making a zipper the correct length

Everyone loves having an assortment of clothes rather than rotating the same old thing. Sewing is such a great way to not only make your own clothes for a vast wardrobe, it's a great way to embellish store bought clothes to stretch your wardrobe in a hurry!

Childrens Patterns

Fluted Toddler's Hat

Kids outgrow clothing and change their mind about their favorite toys at the blink of an eye. Sewing can save you money, as well as keep things new. Explore these pages for ideas and money saving patterns.

Bag, Tote and Purse Patterns

Sew Your Own Pocketbook

Buying new handbags can cost you a fortune. Save some money by creating your own! Check out these free patterns and projects to get you started.

Holiday Patterns and Projects

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

Gift needs arise throughout the year. You can cover decorating as well as birthdays and other gift giving needs by sewing. You'll save a small fortune, have unique decorations and gifts that will be treasured for years to come!

Craft and Sewing Room Patterns

Sew an Armchair Sewing Organizer

Do you have a special area for crafting and sewing? Even if you clear the kitchen table to do your projects, these free patterns will make your creative time more enjoyable.

Pet Sewing Patterns

Sew a Cat Mouse Toy with Catnip Refill Opening

Use your sewing skills to save money on things your pets need or by sewing things to donate to the animal shelters in your area. There is always a need for pet supplies!

Books, Toys, Dolls and Doll Clothes

Sew A Fabric Baby Grab Ball

How long do most store bought toys last? Never long enough for what they cost! Make your own toys so you know they are strong, durable and safe!

Charity Sewing

Sew a Personal Care Kit

People who sew have scraps of fabric and supplies on hand that can rapidly help many people. Donate an hour a week to sewing for charity... or an hour a month and you'll be amazed just how much you have donated at the end of a year.

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