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No Sew Sewing - Fusible Options to Join Fabric


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Mending a Fabric Tear with Fusible web
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

Patch using fused patch

Patch a tear or rip using a fused patch
If the tear is in a location that an applique is possible, the applique can hide the tear.

Not all rips and tears happen in a location that an applique is feasible. Tears in fabric are not usually going to be totally invisible but they can be wearable. The "cleaner" the torn edge is the more likely the mending will be invisible. Mend the torn fabric before laundering the item to prevent further disintegration of the torn edge.

  • Find a scrap of fabric of similar weight and color to the fabric that is torn.
  • Apply fusible web to the correct side of the matching fabric.
  • Cut a piece of the fused matching fabric so that it is large enough to cover the entire tear.
  • Press the tear, aligning the edges of the tear as closely as possible.
  • Place the fused matching fabric behind (on the wrong side)the tear being sure that the entire tear is covered.
  • Press the patch in to place.
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