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Fabric Book Cover with Handles and Zipper


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Piping and Handle
Piping and Handle

Piping and Handle

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
  • Sew optional piping at the 1/2" seam allowance if desired.
  • Fold the main body piece in half (as it will wrap around the book) and gently press the half way mark.
  • Lay webbing as shown in the photograph and decide the length of the handles you want.
  • Cut the webbing and gently melt the raw ends to prevent fraying.
  • Fold the webbing in half and mark the half way point.
  • Measure an even distance from each side edge, lay one end of the webbing at the fold mark on the body of the fabric, lay the half way mark of the webbing on the fold of the body piece an even distance from the other side of the body. Bring the other end of the webbing to meet the first end. Pin the webbing to the body piece stopping 1 1/2" from the edges. Be sure you have not twisted the webbing before stitching in place.
  • Zig zag over the butted ends of the webbing. Top stitch the edges of the webbing, stopping and pivoting 1 1/2" from the handle edge of the fabric.
  • Pin the handles to the center area of the fabric so they are held out of the way during construction.

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