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Sewing Gifts: 8 Gifts for People Who Sew


Buy a gift for someone who sews can seem overwhelming if you don't know anything about sewing. This list is here to get you started shopping for a gift for that special person who sews.

60 Spool Thread Rack

June Tailor® Thread Racks are a great way yo help organize your thread,while you can still see all your colors at a glance. This 60 spool wooden thread rack has fold out legs. This rack is 15.5" wide, 13" high and 7" deep when the legs are extended.

Fiskars® Softouch® Multi-Purpose Scissors

Fiskars Softouch Multi-Purpose Scissors: These Fiskars® shears have an award-winning, ergonomic design that makes them a must-have. A spring-action hand grip helps ensure that long cuts are straight and accurate. Ideal for multiple layers of fabric. Extremely comfortable to use for lengthy cutting tasks. As with any fabric scissor, keep them dedicated to only cutting fabric to ensure them remaining sharp for a long time.

Gingher 6" Applique Scissor

These are scissors with a special purpose and hard to live without if you want to explore applique. The special widened blade protects fabric from being cut while you cut closely to stitching.

Fiskars Quality Forged Razor-Edged Bent Scissors

No one who sews would want to be without a great pair of Dressmaker shears. These scissors fill that need and more! They are designed for long life and durability and cut through multiple layers of fabric with ease. The durable hardened steel blade can be sharpened again and again, if they have been dulled by cutting thing other than fabric. Bent handles cut a smooth continuous straight line along flat surfaces, such as pattern lay outs.

Sewing Machines

Buying a sewing machine can seem like an over whelming experience. Before you buy, learn the things you should know. Find how to choose a sewing machine dealer and how to choose a sewing machine.

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