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Create a Kitty Cat Halloween Costume from a Sweat Suit, Pajamas or Leotard

Free directions to convert everyday clothing into a favorite costume.


Free Pattern & Directions to Make Costume Mouse and Cat Ears

Free Pattern & Directions to Make Costume Mouse and Cat Ears

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This costume is bound to end up being favorite pajamas after Halloween or the school play. Inexpensive, everyday pajamas or sweat suit are the basis of the costume. How you dress up the costume is the key to converting those every clothing into a fantastic costume. The costume takes on a new look if worn by a shapely women using a leotard as the base of the costume.


  • Sweat suit, pajamas or dance leotard
  • Costume Cat Ears Free Pattern and Directions
  • Bunny Tail -- Made from left over fabric the cat ears. You will need enough to create a long tube.
  • Optional - felt (amount varies with the size of the costume) to add spots or create a calico cat
  • Optional - Fusible web to attach optional spots (What is Fusible Web and How to Use Fusible Web).
  • Stuffing material or an old pillow that you can re-use the stuffing.
  • Eyeliner pencil to paint whiskers on the face an pink lipstick or blush for the nose.
  • Optional- Gloves or mittens to match the base outfit
  • Pre-wash the base outfit to remove any fabric finishes which will prevent the fusible from working correctly.
  • Create the cat ears (Free Pattern and Directions) from fabric which matches the base costume.
  • Optional spots - Attach spots to the base outfit by cutting scraps of felt and coating them with fusible web. Attach the spots where desired on the base outfit. Note: On a stretch leotard fusing spots on the leotard will prevent the leotard from stretching. I do not recommend attaching spots on a leotard.
  • Create a tail tube by cutting a strip of fabric that is the length of the tail plus one inch and double the width of the tail plus 1". Fold the length of the tube with right sides together matching the edges. Sew with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving one narrow edge open. Turn right side out and stuff. Turn in the raw edges at the end you stuffed the tail. Hand sew the tail in place on the behind area of the costume but just above where it would be sat on.
  • Use make up to create whiskers and kitty nose on the face of the costume wearer.
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